The ultimate guide to traffic mirrors and safety mirrors

by Morten Bech Danish Digital Marketing professionel

We all call our mirrors for outdoor purposes "traffic mirrors", but "traffic mirrors" are sometimes also called road mirrors, street mirrors or overview mirrors.


All MIRAC traffic mirrors are designed for the often wet and windy Danish climate. That is why we can provide a 5-year guarantee on our MIRAC traffic mirrors without hesitation. The traffic mirrors come with galvanized bracket fitted to install.


What size and type to choose? The size depends on the viewing distance, ie the distance from the person who will use the mirror to the mirror itself. As a rule of thumb, a 60 cm traffic mirror can be large enough for ordinary municipal roads where the distance is not more than approx. 10 m. If there is more distance to the mirror, an 80 cm mirror is recommended. The mirrors are convex and have a wide-angle effect. Therefore, the mirror image is slightly diminished. Therefore, it is a good idea to choose the largest possible mirror for the purpose in order to get as large a mirror image as possible.


The next thing to consider is whether the mirror should have red reflectors, making it easier for road users to see the mirror as a useful aid. Is the mirror primarily for your own use, e.g. For private exits, you can set up a mirror without borders and reflectors.


Should you choose a round mirror or a rectangular mirror? We preferably recommend the round traffic mirrors, as a round mirror has an optimal mirror image. The rectangular mirrors are especially used when needed for larger mirrors, such as 60 x 80 cm and 80 x 100.


In particularly vulnerable places at risk of vandalism, consider setting up a traffic mirror of break-proof Polycarbonate.


MIRAC Mirrors and MIRAC AllRound mirrors


Mirror domes are available in several sizes. Mirror domes are also convex, but with a much larger "bow". As a result, the mirror image becomes more diminished. Therefore, when choosing mirror domes, it is extra important to choose the right size, i.e. a mirror big enough! In a warehouse where fast forklifts are used, we usually recommend a mirror dome of at least 100 cm in diameter. Should the mirror e.g. used for monitoring machines, or at supermarkets' box locks, a 60 cm diameter mirror can often suffice. But if in doubt, choose the largest possible mirror dome for the purpose.


For special purposes, e.g. at T-junctions and L-junctions you can set up either a “half” mirror dome or a “quarter” mirror dome.


As a supplement to convex mirrors and mirror domes, we have developed a mirror with a "bow", which is an intermediate between the convex mirror and the mirror dome. We call the mirror MIRAC AllRound. The mirror has a great mirror image with wide angle effect. The MIRAC AllRound is easy to set up, it can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on shelves or placed directly on a wall, for example. in a parking garage.


Traffic mirrors and safety mirrors prevent accidents


As the pace of work gets higher and higher, the risk of accidents increases. Anyone who has visited a warehouse cannot help but be impressed by how quickly and efficiently the forklift truck is operated and operated. The high speed increases the risk of collisions between the trucks and pedestrian traffic. Items may be damaged which can cause material damage when two trucks are moving together, not to mention the danger of personal injury. It all costs time and money and unfortunately once in a while human suffering.


Mirrors cover blind angles to avoid clashes. As an added benefit, you achieve greater efficiency as the trucks can now continue to drive without stopping at doorways and junctions.


Surveillance mirrors prevent shoplifting


Once, a store manager was asked if store theft was a problem. Yes, he said, "people steal with arms and legs." Although many stores are now equipped with video surveillance, the thieves have found that no one sits and monitors the images all the time. Therefore, surveillance mirrors are still a supplement and even an alternative to video surveillance. Located at the checkout lock, one can e.g. see if goods are smuggled under the shopping cart. Situated in strategic locations in the store, one can discreetly watch suspicious persons.


Monitoring mirrors come complete with infinitely adjustable ball arm with ball joint, wall plate with sight and rawlplugs just to set up. As an accessory there are magnet holder, pipe clips and screwdrivers for e.g. fascia boards.

All traffic mirrors and safety mirrors can be bought in many contries. Among the in Denmark. In Denmark traffic mirrors are called "trafikspejle" and safety mirrors is called "sikkerhedsspejle". The mirrors can be bought on-line on both and

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