The Ultimate Guide For Cleft Lift And Palate Surgery !!

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A baby born with a birth defect is a really disappointing experience for parents. One of the primary questions which arise in every parent’s mind is that. why did this happen to my baby?

Cleft lip and or/palate, is one of the most common birth defects or congenital condition, affecting one in every 600-700 births. There is no answer to why it happens? But the good news is this birth defect can be repaired successfully with persistent dedication, regular care and oral-facial cleft surgery. Cleft lift and palate surgery in Delhi is now available in BLK clinic, the most reputated craniofacial hospital in Delhi. 

This blog contains the common frequently asked questions about the oral-facial cleft/palate surgery.

What is a cleft lift?

A cleft lip is a congenital (by birth) defect:

  • It may be a small notch in the lip and maybe a complete split in the lip that goes to the base of the nose.
  • It can be one or both side of the mouth.

You can repair a cleft when the child is 3 to 6 years old.

What causes cleft in babies?

The exact reason for developing the cleft lip is still unknown. But according to the specialists, there are various factors which can be the reason for cleft lip such as genetic factors (inherited) and environmental factors such as the frequent use of certain medications (anti-seizure) and the deficiency of some vitamins.

The use of these medications during pregnancy can increase the risk of the baby having a cleft lip. Deficiency of folic acid in women and exposure of certain chemicals during pregnancy is also a common risk factor for cleft lip baby.

What is the correct age to perform a cleft lift surgery?

This is a very common and frequently asked question by parents. According to most of the leading plastic surgeons, the appropriate age for cleft lift surgery is 6 to 18 month. 10-12 months is also the preferred age for a successful cleft lip surgery. The best advantage of this age is the fastest healing repair. The chances of a successful surgery increases in this age. Surgery if got delayed for 3 years, the speech may suffer. 

Can a cleft lip cause other health-related issues?

Feeding, teeth, speech and hearing issues are seen in babies having the cleft lip/palate. Cleft lip also affects many actions of the babies mouth and face. The common health issues that might happen with cleft lips are:

  • Fluid buildup in the middle ear that can cause hearing loss
  • Dental problems such as missing teeth, small teeth, extra teeth, teeth out of position.
  • Feeding problem can be a bigger issue if the palate is involved in the cleft lip. A cleft palate can cause regurgitate the food into the nose. A special nipple is required for the babies having a cleft palate.
  • Speech problems

Blk clinic in Delhi is well known for providing a vast number of craniofacial surgeries including cleft lip and palate surgery, hypertelorism correction surgery, cranioplasty, maxillofacial trauma care etc. Fix an appointment and get your facial deformities treated.


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