The TENS Unit Working Process Explained

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More and more alternative treatment therapies are becoming popular in easing the pain. People are looking for options that would help in offering best of pain relief while ensuring that there happens to be no side effect. Using a TENS device can prove to be highly effective in easing pain without causing any kind of side effect.

Yes, TENS therapy has proved to be extremely effective in offering relief from pain. However, it has proved to be more effective among people suffering from chronic pain problems than those experiencing acute pain. Those who are becoming highly resistant to those pharmaceutical painkillers will find the TENS therapy highly effective in achieving the best of relief.

* The Working Process of TENS Device
A TENS Unit work by passing of electrical pulses through the electrode pads attached to specific areas of the skin. These electrical pulses basically interrupt the electrical signals being sent to the brain that signals the hurting effect of the body. Once the signals are being interrupted, you will feel no pain. In fact, the pain intensity will be lower and may even get eliminated.


  TENS machines work primarily through two different ways:

* High Frequency
Passing an electric current through higher frequencies in the range of 90-130 Hz can be helpful in eliminating intense and severe pain problems. This may well be the common use of a device, but the initial starting phase will be at a slow pace. Basically, the expert physician will use different frequencies to understand the best possible option for the patient. The frequency range impact would vary from one patient to another.

* Low Frequency
A TENS device, working in lower frequencies of 2-5 Hz is believed to cause a reactive statement for the body. The reaction may result in creating endorphin, a natural painkilling hormone. Although the scenario may not be a common option for TENS therapy, certain special cases do require its involvement.


* Using the TENS Machine
The machine you would be purchasing will definitely come with all the detailed instructions that need to be followed carefully. In general, you must be careful with the operating part of the device. Make sure that the device is totally turned off before the application of the electrode. This is a crucial part of the process. At the same time, you also need to test the device before the use. This is done to ensure whether the pads for TENS machine is functioning properly or not. Hold the pads in your fingers and turn of the machine to experience a sort of tingling effect. If the effect is present, then it's totally working. If you don't feel the tingling sensation, the machine may not be working properly.

Also, it is essential to clear the area of the skin where you would be putting the TENS pads. Keep in mind, while you are trying your best to put the electrode pads on, make sure that the area of the skin where you are trying to attach is not sensitive or features any kind of injury. Use conductive gels to cover the electrodes. Make sure that they are placed a minimum of one inch apart. Ensure that they are properly taped down to avoid loose ends.

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