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PRP Injections

The complete form of PRP is platelet-rich plasma. These injections contain a platelet-rich plasma that clinicians take from the patient's blood sample and place in for centrifugation, separating the platelets from the blood and concentrating them with the plasma. The injection is then injected into the target area for the treatment. Platelets are known for their clotting abilities and for stimulating tissue regeneration and cell reproduction. When these injections come into action, they stimulate growth factors and accelerate the healing process for the injuries.


There is a wide range of conditions for which PRP treatment can be used. Injuries to the muscular skeleton can accelerate the healing process with the help of PRP injections. Chronic tendon injuries like tennis elbow or jumpers knee usually takes a long time to heal their food PRP injections stimulate the healing process and decrease pain. Recently, PRP injections are also used as a post-surgical treatment to help heal muscles, tendons, and ligaments that usually take longer to recover.

The other use of PRP injections is to help treat osteoarthritis pain and stiffness by modulating the collaborative environment and reducing inflammation. Hair loss and skin rejuvenation are also believed to be beneficial from the PRP hair therapy Uptown Damansara Utama; however, the research is still on.

Gentle Yag

Gentle YAG hair removal Kelatan is a laser hair removal treatment that is fast and effective full stopping the traditional way of shaving, waxing, and plucking is often painful. This treatment benefits men and women who want to remove permanently and wanted hair from any part of their body. This procedure is FDA-approved and has developed exponentially in recent times.

Areas of treatment

The treatment can be used on various body parts, and the most common areas are the upper lips, nose, cheeks, beard, arms, back, shoulder, chest, and bikini.


Rejuran Kelatan skin injection is a treatment to rejuvenate skin. The injection contains bio-compatible DNA fragments known as polynucleotides to improve the condition of damaged skin. Polynucleotides help the skin by providing anti-inflammatory mechanisms that heal wounds, ultimately stimulating collagen and skin elasticity.


·         Enlarged pores and improved skin texture.

·         Removal of fine wrinkles and better skin elasticity.

·         Better skin hydration.

·         Proper balance between sebum and moisture of the skin.

·         Removes senescence and improves fine lines.

·         Facilitation and stimulation of collagen that is beneficial to the skin.

·         Better blood flow beneath the skin's surface.


Most of the technology for term treatment is painless and invasive, and these new technologies have minimum to zero side effects. Still, it is advisable to consult a specialist before getting any treatment. Knowing your skin type and keeping your health in account before going for any treatment is essential.

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