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Even though feet are constantly being neglected, they are a vital part of the body. When we perform any physical activity, they are the most hardworking body part, since they are involved in every movement. Proper feet care can aid in the prevention against hip, back, and knee pain.

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Traditional Chinese medicine has used acupressure for more than 5,000 years. This technique is similar to acupuncture, just, in this case, the method is performed with the fingertips. It is believed that each point in the feet is associated with somebody organ thus if you put a pressure on certain points on the feet you will alleviate stress, incite the function of different organs and treat some health concerns. It functions as acupuncture just instead of needles, you use your fingertips.

5 Exercises for:


– Preventing Pain


– Strengthening Feet


– Improving balance.


Toe Walking:

Ballerinas usually perform this type of walking, but it can be done by anyone. Thanks to toe walking the toe muscles will be strengthened and as well as the muscles around the balls of your feet, and ligaments.


Just stand on your tiptoes and move forward for 20 seconds. After that rest 10-15 seconds and walk again 5 more times. For optimal results, do it two times a day.


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Toe Presses:

Prior initiating an exercise warm up your leg muscles, and a great way would be to use toe presses. While standing, slightly bend your knees then grip the ground with your toes. Stay like that for three seconds. You need to repeat this exercise three times a day, by doing 10 sets each time.


Ankle circles:

The body overload is a reason for tight and restricted ankle thus causing muscle and joint pain. Likewise, hip, back, and knee pain can result from tight muscles. Therefore, ankles mobility and flexibility are of great importance.


Now, lie on the back and extend one leg overhead. After that, rotate the ankle of the extended leg clockwise and count to 10. Then change legs and do a repetition with your other leg.


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Resisted Flexion:

By performing this exercise you are targeting the small foot muscles, which are accountable for maintaining balance. Also resisted flexion can aid you in tightening your muscles thus preventing an occurrence of injuries.


Sit on the ground, straighten the feet in front of you and wrap an exercise band around the bedpost. After that, place the band on the top of your feet and lean back so that you tighten the band. Next, band the foot backward and hold this position for 5 seconds. Take a break, and repeat 10 times more.


Toe Pencil Pickups:

It is an easy and simple exercise. Put a pencil on the ground and use your toes to lift it off the ground. Hold it for 10 seconds and after that release it. Do 5 repetitions for each foot.

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