The Role of Kn95 Mask in the Initial Safety from Covid-19 and Other Respiratory Problems

by Sara Thomas Sara Thomas

A Kn95 mask is a commonly-used, abbreviation-filled designation for an air-purifying respirator, which by definition meets the Chinese standards and formulation of health and safety. This is designed to protect the wearer from breathing in any amount of airborne particles or hazardous particles, both natural and man-made. It has the capacity to filter out tiny particles such as pollen, dust, mold, and even small animal hair.

When it comes to respiratory conditions, the most common type of condition that can be prevented with a Kn95 mask is asthma and Coronavirus, etc where extremely high levels of pollutants and viruses may result in shortness of breath and the inhalation of the virus. Inhalation of pollutants containing carbon monoxide, which can result from chimney fires or industrial emissions, can cause asthma. Inhalation of other chemicals such as benzene and volatile organic compounds can also result in severe lung-related complications.

The composition of Kn95 mask and its effectiveness

The Kn95 mask is specifically designed to protect the mouth and nose from particles and dust. This allows the wearer to breathe better, even with thick make-up on. The material used for the N95 mask is made up of multiple layers of unwoven polypropylene polymer. The material used in these masks is very efficient with the filtration and they are more efficient with the breathing also compared to the surgical and other disposable masks.

These types of masks are more suitable as they feature a self-prime filter and two pay protections, which means they help filter both inflow and outflow of the air. Also, their ability to filter the tiniest viruses of 0.3 microns in diameter proves them one of the most effective respirators in the battle against virus spread.

It is important that you must get the air flowing in your lungs. The best way to do this is to use a Kn95 face mask, which allows you to do it easily. This makes this device so popular that there are more than a few places that offer it for sale as well.

The basic properties of a Kn95 mask

  • The filter performance of these masks is very high as they can reduce 95% of the dust particles.
  • The flow rate of air is also ideal as the air will flow at 85 L/min while wearing the mask.
  • Inhalation-resistance maximum pressure drop is 350Pa.
  • The exhalation-resistance maximum pressure drop is 250 Pa.
  • The testing agent to check the functionality of these masks is NaCl (Sodium Chloride).   

There are some basic considerations required when you are buying or using a Kn95 mask. Make sure that you get the perfect size for your face as it is essential for a face mask to be comfortably worn. While buying the mask you must check the manufacturer’s details to ensure the authenticity of the mask. Please check the mask before buying, if the straps are attached properly to it.

You can do a small research about the price comparison and availability of better quality by visiting your local stores and on the internet at websites like who are offering these products at a good price.

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