The Revolution of Wineries in Victoria Over the Years

by Xavier Hennings Marketing Manager
Victorian winemaking has experienced a seismic evolution over its 200-year-old history. There is indeed a wine for every taste and occasion when in Victoria. The revolutionary wineries come from an abundantly rich history and wine culture.

We can see the evidence of viticulture in Victoria since the 19th century if we dive into the history of winemaking and wineries in Victoria. Surprisingly, viticulture experienced a peak in wine production as winemakers produced half of all wine produced in Australia. However, the phylloxera epidemic affected the wine industry, and it took almost 50 years for Victoria to recover from the damage. 

The wine industry was settled in the cool southern coastal regions during the foundation years of Victoria's wine history as southern coastal areas served atmospheric conditions to produce better grapes. However, during the 20th century, the warmer north-eastern zone started accommodating wineries and succeeded in establishing a reputation for its sweet, fortified, and tempting wines. The wine back then was made from fresh harvest grapes shrivelled to raisins and then kept for several months, sometimes years, to age in oak barrels stored inside an oven-like hot tin shed. The mentioned style of viticulture sustained the Victorian wine industry before the renaissance of winemaking during the 1950s and 1960s.

The Future That References The Past

The new wave of wineries in Victoria, Australia, is helping to shape the wine industry as a home to thousands of wineries in diverse regions. This seems to work out well with more sensitive farming methods. 

As with many shifts in the wineries of Victoria, some have retained their retro approach to winemaking. The industry is working towards reviving the celebrated winemaking process. The said process imposes limited scientific applications, no temperature control, and insists on using natural fermentation methods.

Finally, wine estates are adapting past references, going back to the basics, giving in to nature, and producing wines proffering the same historical references.

Looking at the methods used to make wine and the ratio of its consumption, the global wine industry is expecting a growth worth $32.9 Billion by 2022. Hence, every winery in Victoria is anticipating a bright future. Not to forget the efforts that wine producers are making to go carbon neutral while experiencing modernisation in making quality wine. 

Also, the industry is witnessing a growing thirst for making wines more organically, with little or no chemical intervention. The appetite for organics has encouraged winemakers to maintain the wholesome identity of grapes and implement biodynamic practices to produce wine.

All in all, Victoria is not a region relentlessly hurting forĀ­ good wine. Victoria is rich in holding more than 800 wineries, and almost 600 wineries are open to the public. The credit for carrying and nurturing massive winemaking goes to the diverse farming conditions. Each winery in Victoria produces a wide range of high-quality wines. We wish you a happy exploration of the best winery in Victoria, Australia, as you explore the magnificent wine regions in Victoria and taste the premium quality wine. 

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