The Reason Behind the Numbers on Car Tyres

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The tyre industry offers a huge selection of tyre kinds. Every variety has characteristics that set it apart. These characteristics reflect the codes on the sidewalls of the Churchill Evesham tyres. Understanding the codes can help you decide whether or not your current tyres need replacing. While some of the codes are very simple to understand, deciphering others may require more research to find the correct information. We will examine each code in detail in this part.

Perhaps you have questioned the significance of the odd markings on your Tyres. Tyres carry a wealth of information, which you probably weren't aware of. Certain parts of it are helpful, such as when tyre pressure must get checked. Some are, but not all. For instance, the sidewalls of tyres feature several codes that indicate the size of the tyre you have.

How to interpret tyres?

Tires typically have the manufacturer's information printed on them when you purchase them from a store. When you check out online, this information will get displayed. The number is typically listed next to the price on an invoice. Included in the data are the speed rating, load index, tread pattern, and tyre size.

The information on each tyre varies, though. Others might use "XS" in place of "S." Other people might use a different number to indicate the load index. Most significantly, every tyre size has a special identifying code that is only available to it.

There are other methods for determining a tyre size, but we'll concentrate on the one we described before. You should note the numbers 215 and 65 as soon as you see the tyre size.

Here, there are two numbers: 215 denotes the wheelbase, and 65 denotes the entire width of the car. You can determine the type of wheels the car will have with the help of these two numbers.

The car will have small wheels if the number is less than 150. The wheels will be enormous in size if the number is higher than 150.

Lateral width

The sidewall size can be alternatively read as a series of digits, such as "P215/65R15," which indicates that the tyre is 215mm wide and 65mm tall. When we consider the sidewall's measurements, we can see this number once more. Simply measure your tyres using an ordinary tape measure to determine their size.

Sidewall Height

The ratio of a tyre's width to height is the aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is 2:1, for instance, if your tyre has a 200mm profile width and a 100mm profile height. The profile width and height of a tyre with a 4:1 aspect ratio are 400mm and 200mm, respectively.

Rim diameter

The number following the slash represents the rim diameter if you were looking at the tyre size P215/65R14, 14. Therefore, this tyre would fit a 14mm-diameter wheel.

The tyre load rating or the load index

The tyre load rating or the load index reveals how much weight a specific wheel can support. The maximum load that a tyre can support when inflated to the recommended air pressure is basically measured in kilogrammes per square inch (kg/in2). A higher number denotes a greater load capacity of the tyre. For example, the tyre's P215/65R 15 95H designation indicates that a vehicle weighing 2,000 lbs (907 kg) and can handle 195 psi of air pressure (13.8 bar).

The maximum speed that a tyre can safely handle is usually indicated by the speed rating. For instance, if your car has a 90H speed rating, the tyre cannot travel faster than 100Km/h before it begins to wear out.

After 6.5 minutes at a faster pace, such as 120 km/h, the tyre will begin to wear out. Purchase tyres with the appropriate speed ratings

Maximum load rating

When selecting tyres, the maximum load rating is a crucial characteristic. You need a tyre that can support the added weight when you mount a large vehicle on your car. The phrase "maximum load rating" on a tyre indicates that it can support the weight of whatever you need to put on the wheel. For instance, a tyre must be sturdy enough to support 8 tonnes if you are driving a truck and need a tyre with a maximum load rating of 8 tonnes.

Number of tyre tread wear

The treadwear rating of a tyre is a predictor of how long it will last before wearing out. The range of treadwear numbers is 100 to 400. A tyre with a treadwear number of 200 will survive four times as long as one with a treadwear value of 120.


All tyre manufacturers do not use the same car Tyres Evesham and tyre marks. While some businesses, like MRF, Apollo, and CEAT, have patterns that are very similar to one another, others, like Goodyear and Michelin, have entirely different patterns. In order to find the greatest offer, you might have to visit many websites if you're wanting to buy tyres online.

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