The Quiet Chair

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The salon chair is such a comfortable place to stay while getting your hair done. While being seated on that chair, you can have the hairdresser lean in and ask a few questions while trying to get you to relax and enjoy the haircut. They can come up with a few stories and ask questions about your holiday plans, family, where you live and the rear of them. Often times this technique pulls out well and end up giving you the extra haircut Vive you want while letting you walk out of the salon a happy and satisfied client. Some people visit salons that offer this to them bases on their needs at the moment.

The Quiet Chair


However, there are times you want to get your haircut but going to salons having to listen and reply a lot of chitchats you might not be comfortable with except when the stylist is your close friend. You walk into the salon, sit down for a haircut and wish that everybody around you would keep quiet because maybe you have a lot going on in your head or you have some emails and messages to reply. It doesn’t mean that you have chitchat, but at that moment, you want to be one in your thoughts so you can have a lot of things figured out while you get your fresh haircut or hairstyle.


Lots of salons have that option available, the “quiet chair “ option. You can choose this option while booking your appointment and have everyone around you keep quiet while you get your hair done. The stylist won’t ask you personal questions except questions related to your hair.

This trend became popular in the United Kingdom at the salon chain Bauhaus, and it is becoming increasingly popular. After letting your stylist know what you want, you sit down and enjoy absolute quietness and peace while the haircut goes on. The only sound you get to hear is the sound of the blow-dryers.


It helps people who stress over little conversations and are introverted. It is also a perfect way to handle anxiety which can be effectively handled through quietness. Handling anxiety is quite challenging for a lot of people, especially when they are in public places. They get to worry over their ability to mix ND interact with people around them, fit into the social norms and standards without appearing awkward.


The innovation has been spreading and might be available in salons near you if you need a place you can relax and ease your mind. Bauhaus, a salon located in Cardiff, South Wales, United Kingdom, came up with this innovation and the clients are enjoying it. According to them, it started when a client disclosed to them that some clients who really need haircut aren’t comfortable with the small talk that goes on at salons. They had to find a way to make them feel comfortable.


You can search around and figure out the quiet chair salons nearby and pay them a visit each time you need to have a quiet haircut.

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