The Pros and Cons of Soft Water

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It’s not that easy to tell what type of water is running through your pipes, i.e. whether it is soft or hard, although you’ll probably know if you have hard water as you’ll notice a build-up of lime in your kettle and around taps, etc.

However, soft water isn’t without its problems either. We asked a local plumber in Newcastle about the pros and cons of having soft water.

What is Soft Water?

Before we look at the issues that can arise with soft water, let’s explain what soft water is by first looking at hard water. Hard water has large amounts of dissolved mineral ions, such as magnesium and calcium and is untreated. It tends to taste better and, due to the minerals, is better for our health. In contrast, soft water contains sodium ions as it has been treated with salt, which gives it a typical salty taste.

The Advantages of Soft Water

Unlike hard water which leaves mineral deposits on whatever it touches, soft water doesn’t leave behind tell-tale scum marks. You’ll find that it cleans more efficiently, leaves glassware sparkling and your clothes will be softer.

As detergents and soaps dissolve more easily in soft water, you may notice that you use less water and your appliances are likely to last longer as they don’t ‘lime-up’, so you’re less likely to need the services of an emergency plumber in Newcastle.

Disadvantages Arising from Soft Water

While soft water is more beneficial for plumbing systems, it’s not quite as good for your health. Rainwater is soft as it falls but accumulates minerals, such as magnesium, chalk, lime and calcium as it travels through the ground. The water is then classed as hard. To make it soft, the minerals are removed, and salt is added.

This has implications for anyone with heart or circulatory problems or anyone who has been recommended to consume a low-sodium diet. Therefore, if you do have any of these issues, it’s wise not to drink soft water but to choose bottled water instead.

Soft water may also cause issues for homes with lead pipe plumbing as it may absorb contaminates from the piping as it travels through them.

Solving the Problem of Soft Water

As you can see, there are many plumbing advantages for having soft water within your home.

However, if you feel that it may adversely affect your health, there are several solutions which can be taken, including installing a water filter, a water softening unit or a reverse osmosis system.

If you feel that this would be of benefit to you, contact your local plumber today who will be able to advise you on the best solution for your plumbing system.

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