The Problems Caused by Construction Vibration

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When it comes to construction projects in urban areas, there is more than building a structure or renovation completion that must be taken into consideration. Generally, construction equipment heavily vibrates. Construction companies need to acknowledge the need to protect the structures in the surrounding area. To do so, planning must be thoroughly mapped out to prevent damage from occurring. Construction vibration monitoring can assist in ensuring that unnecessary damage is prevented.

Vibration Damage 

More often than not, there are plenty of ways construction can cause damage to surrounding areas. Deep excavations are the main issues that can lead to damage aside from other vibration factors. Knowing how you will approach a construction project is essential. Planning engineering and completing pre-construction surveys provide an opportunity to better understand what needs to be done. 

Vibration can occur from:

  • Blasting
  • Pile driving
  • Jackhammering 
  • Demolition 
  • Compaction
  • Construction vehicles

It is vital to closely study the pre-construction surveys and pre-existing damage. Since damage can happen as a result of energy on structures, it is imperative to provide sufficient damage preventative tactics. Ensuring structural vibration monitoring is practiced can result in a successful project in an urban area. When vibration monitoring is utilized, construction companies can protect the integrity of the structure being built and those in neighboring areas. 

Deep Excavation 

Mid-rise and high-rise buildings are becoming increasingly common in urban neighborhoods. These buildings require structures one to five stories that will allow for underground parking and mechanical systems. The more modern structures tend to be deeper than the older structures. Due to this, excavation of deeper holes is required to be constructed. Surrounding properties can suffer from excavation due to vibrations that occur in the process. To avoid damage, construction requires precautions to be taken. A few precautions to note are the following:


  • Careful planning 
  • Construction sequencing
  • Geotechnical rapport
  • Underground utility stakeouts
  • Vibration Monitoring 
  • Dewatering 
  • Engineered shoring plans

The precautions are only a few to be considered. However, even when these precautions are taken, there is still a possibility of destabilizing conditions. These potential complications include unstable soil pockets, foundation conditions, and water tables. If this is discovered, professionals should assist in mitigating the problems so that future issues can be prevented. 

Valcoustics Canada Ltd

Since there is a vast amount of construction tactics that can cause damage to surrounding structures, it is vital to work strategically. Partnering with vibration monitoring companies can allow for structures to keep their structural integrity. When vibration damage is suspected, experts at Valcoustics Canada Ltd can assist in determining the potential causes. Valcoutics also works to provide structural vibration, ground vibration, and construction noise monitoring. For more information, contact Valcoustics Canada Ltd.

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