The Mythical Allure of the Blue Sapphire Ring

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The Blue Sapphire gemstone has been a source of much study and is one of the most discussed gemstones in the astrology world. In India, it is called ‘neelam’ and its wearing is advised by astrologers to ward off misfortunes. It is also one of the most feared gemstones, as it is commonly believed that if it does not suit the wearer, it brings on a lot of distress. However, all these speculations and ill-boding theories notwithstanding, it is an established fact that the blue sapphire is one of the most sought after gemstones.

This mystical blue stone has from time immemorial captured the imagination of jewellery aficionados. Its translucence emits a captivating bluish light that draws people towards it. It’s most common use is that of a gemstone in rings but it is widely used in earrings, necklaces and pendants, too. Blue Sapphire ring became even more famous after the late people’s Princess Diana started wearing it. Apparently, it was the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to her and it was one of the royal family jewels. Ever since people noticed Princess Diana wearing it, it kind of became a fashion trend to wear a blue sapphire ring. 

The blue sapphire ring is in much demand even now, not just because of the astrological significance attached to it, but also because it emits elegance and class. This beautiful blue stone looks striking in white gold and silver because of the contrast it presents. The blue and white colours not only contrasts well, they amalgamate and blend very well, too. Just look at the sky. We can’t really determine where the blue ends and the white starts. The blending is so perfect. It’s almost like they are made for each other. And so it is with blue sapphire and white gold or silver. They go very well together. Together, they bring a piece of jewellery to life and adds character to it.

Now, because silver is anytime more affordable than white gold, it is fast emerging as a preferred choice of consumers when buying precious metals. The pandemic has brought about hard times for people and gold and platinum prices show no trend of decreasing. Hence, consumers are left with no choice but to turn to silver. This is why silver is being touted as the new gold. Blue sapphire looks very good in silver. More and more people are opting to get their sapphire stone crafted in silver. Silver is durable and, more importantly, it is affordable.

If you are thinking of buying a silver sapphire ring, then you don’t have to look far. It is just near you. On your phone and on your laptop. The net brings an entire world of shopping right into our homes. At the touch of a fingertip, you can see a wide range of designs and buy the one that captures your heart and imagination.

The designs vary from designer to designer, from jewellery store to jewellery store. There are women’s blue sapphire rings just like there are men’s blue sapphire rings. The rings for women come in intricate and elaborate designs as it is commonly believed that women prefer ornamental designs. The sapphire solitaire could have diamonds surrounding it in a beautiful halo, which enhances the colour of blue and brings out its many depths. The men’s section would be more simple with the entire focus being on the single blue stone. Then, there are blue sapphire rings for girl. Young girls. Trendy, modern contemporary designs. Designs that the young would feel proud to flaunt in style.

In a nutshell, there is a design for everyone. You just need to pick yours. Real blue sapphire gemstone is very expensive. For those of you who have had to put off buying a blue sapphire because it is does not fit into your budget, there are simulated or lab created blue sapphires which are exact replica but cost so much less. These created blue sapphires when used in silver make for a beautiful ring and sell like hotcakes online. Almost all online silver jewellery stores have them and they are favoured by young and old alike for their luminosity, elegance, colour combination and, of course, affordability. Why spend a fortune when you can have the same look in a much lesser price that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Blue sapphire will keep alluring customers with its myths, history and mystery, and will always keep topping the list of favourites when it comes to gemstone rings. If you too, like many of us, had an eye on it for long, then this is the time to buy it. Make it yours today and swim deeper into those blue depths.

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