The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Anos Looks for the Reincarnation of Hero Kanon

by Jack Thomson blogger

It was 2000 years before the present-day events in The Misfit of Demon King Academy when Hero Kanon and Jerga confronted Anos, the demon king. Kanon was a much more understanding person interested in diplomacy, but his ally Jerga was not. The conflicts that Anos had faced may still be around, and as he finds out bizarre things in the latest episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy. When he goes to the Hero academy, Arclanskia, in a student exchange program along with his friends, he is dumbfounded by what he discovers there. 

Arclanskia, in the human realm, has a lot to offer, so when Anos and his friends go there, they make sure they do a bit of sightseeing before they go to the Hero Academy. They are welcomed there by Eleanor Bianca, who is a student there. She gets to know them before she starts to show them around as no one is allowed to visit the academy without permission. Things get very strange for Anos when she takes them to the library of Arclanskia as he finds out that history has been manipulated to make the present world order seem legitimate. 

Anos is taken aback by the reconstruction of all the facts as he observes how everything has been changed. In Arclanskia, the history that is taught has very little to do with facts. As Eleanor tells them, it was great Hero Kanon, who had conjured up the four great magic walls to protect the human realm, which was not true. Anos understood that all of this was reinterpreted and reconstructed history, an attempt to make him irrelevant. But he never corrects Eleanor, who is telling them the revisionist history that she has been taught. She even says that the demon king back then was Avos Dilhevia, an utterly untrue statement that was also very much accepted in the present-day demon realm. 

But that is not all as she goes on to explain the reincarnation of the Hero Kanon. People of the human realm are made to believe that Kanon and Jerga had created the Kanon Jerga reincarnation family, where Kanon was reborn into seven people from seven sources. The people in the human realm have entirely come to accept this falsehood, but Anos knows that Kanon had only one source. He wished to find out the real incarnation to deal with him instead of wasting his time. Anos knew Kanon, so he understands that he was diplomatic and avoided conflicts while Jerga was the complete opposite. He, therefore, wishes to meet Kanon’s reincarnation to set the records straight. Surprisingly, the two self-titled reincarnations of Kanon arrive there. Ledriano Kanon Azeschen and Laos Kanon Jilfor are the two so-called reincarnations; the former is a bookish student while the latter is too eager to prove himself in combat. Kanon Jilfor all of a sudden charges at Anos, but he is very easily able to counter him. Anos is yet to make any progress in finding Kanon’s real incarnation as he wishes to correct the reconstructed history. But he is surprised to find out that the people of the human realm are also told that Kanon was not killed by a demon but instead a human, which makes things even more complicated. Anos desperately needs to find Kanon to make people realize that whatever they have been told is nothing but falsehoods; only time will tell what will transpire once he can finally find him.

Source:-   Misfit of Demon King Academy

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