The many uses of a pocket knife

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The size of a pocket knife cannot undermine its importance. Experienced campers and adventurers would know the countless uses of a pocket-sized knife. In all fairness, the list  happens to be endless. 

Campers simply love carrying a  knife with themselves. From slashing ropes to saving lives, a knife happens to be a pocket-sized dynamo. Stylish, sturdy and optimally sized, knife can save you a lot of trouble. If you’re feeling hungry on the go, it can be used to slice fruits. It can also be used for peeling veggies while cooking. So, to top it all, a pocket knife is a camper’s best friend.

The best thing about pocket knives is: they are optimally sized, which means it can be stored in a hassle-free manner. Many of the pocket knives are foldable. they can be kept in the pocket with ease. It is advisable to carry a couple of knives. The second one can be used if and when the first one gets damaged. 

Here are few uses of a pocket knife:

As a combat weapon

Well, that’s quite obvious. You need a weapon (of sorts) to protect yourself if and when you encounter a wild animal while roaming around in the woods. To be honest, the chances of getting attacked by a wild animal are minimum, but it is always good to keep yourself prepared. You can, at least, scare a wild animal in case it tries to approach you. Not just your own, but a  knife can help you save someone else’s life as well.

Cut things down

Nothing can beat the cutting ability of a sharpened knife blade. Right from opening packages to cutting yourself out of a wire tangle, a pocket knife can help you save a lot of trouble. Fishermen can use it to tear fishing nets apart. If you happen to be a hunter, then these knives can be used for skinning wild animals. Knives are more like a multitool that helps solve a wide range of problems.

Substitute for a tool kit

Carrying an entire toolkit along isn’t something many campers would recommend. If campers are asked to choose one tool, most of them would end up choosing knives. The list of things that can be done using a knife is endless (pretty much). It can help you in removing a nail. Also, you can punch a hole in your belt using a knife.

Eating on the go

As stated earlier, you can peel veggies and slice fruits on the go if you’re stomach is growling.  Nothing can beat the joy and satisfaction of grabbing a hearty snack while making your way through the woods. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to catch fish. A pocket knife can help you in lighting up a fire in case you’re running out of alternatives.

So, here were a few things that can be done using a pocket knife. If you get in touch with experienced campers, they’ll be able to add a lot of points. 

Happy camping, folks!

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