The Magic of Blue & Red Contrast against a MUNRO 1500 MM

by James Spencer Blogger

Forget about the capacity – just take into account the word ‘MUNRO! What image does this term draw across your mind? It draws the image of one of the most simplistically designed, yet one of the classiest of baths one can have in the bathroom. The very sight of this wonderful beauty will create a subtleness and you will dream to spend long hours caressing yourself in the lap of the bath’s streamlined sides, which are straight and up to give a compact size and shape, which is smart enough to complement the dimension of your bathroom.

The USP of Munro lies in its purity, which is depicted by its milk-white appearance, which makes its size and shapes all the more alluring. And mind it, MUNRO does not come with those inviting curves and edges that you will find in a few other varieties like OLIVIA, DIOR, ANNA, MADISON, and the likes. Still, the fact that MUNRO's appeal is so invigorating is purely based on the fact that it is its whiteness that complements the simplicity of its shape seamlessly.


Yet, with time, choices change. Hence, people with adventurous souls are more into trying out new things, rather than taking the tried and tested paths. Therefore, while going for the MUNRO 1500 MM variety, they experiment these days. Well, they cannot doctor with the colour of the bath itself, for that may disturb the serenity of the soul that this bath comes up with. Hence, they are trying different contrast colours of walls against the milky white MUNRO, rather than going for an all-white purity in their bathroom. Here are a few contrast combinations that you can try out if you are toying with the idea of joining the league of those extraordinary gentlemen.

A Red Wall to put MUNRO against

Red symbolizes energy, power, passion, desire, and love all blended into one! What better colour can you have on the wall against which you are planning to set your MUNRO? But then, for heaven's sake, do not go for all all-red bathroom walls! Too much of everything is bad! So let the other walls be milky white and the wall against which you set up the MUNRO 1500 MM, be RED. That redness will act like a splash of energy and love, passing and desire, and that tinge will be complemented by the contrast the milky white bathtub will create. Surely, you will thank the makers of this bathtub in Perth as you spend some leisure hours in your favourite bathtub and gain energy after a hectic day!

Trying out Blue….will it work?

Oh! Surely it will!!! Blue symbolizes heaven and produces a calming effect. If red is to energize you, blue is surely a shade that will make you sublime and gentle and calm your nerves as you take a bath in one of your favorite bathing assets.

Even if you leave aside the experience you go through while using, a MUNRO 1500 MM against a blue wall always will have a calming effect on the bathroom on the psyche of the user. The very sight of a blue and white combination with such an elegant bathtub creating the focal point of a bathroom will create wonders. Indeed, there lies the uniqueness of MUNRO and when it is complemented by blue, it takes the mood to cloud nine!

So that’s the reason people these days are toying between white, red and blue while setting up MUNRO 1500 MM at their bathroom. 

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