Magnesium Oxide 5G Microwave Dielectric Ceramics

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

      Microwave dielectric ceramic as a new type of electronic materials, in the modern communication is used as a resonator, filter, medium substrate, dielectric antenna, dielectric guided wave circuit, etc., are widely used in many fields of microwave technology, such as mobile phones, car phone, cordless telephone, television, satellite receivers, satellite radio, radar, wireless remote control, etc.

  As 5G is officially put into commercial use, 5G base stations will be covered in pieces nationwide, and microwave dielectric ceramics have been widely used in the construction of 5G base stations as filters.

  Ceramic filter can not only ensure high power output, but also have light weight, good temperature resistance performance, long service life, miniaturization characteristics are also more suitable for 5G base station highly integrated and miniaturized development requirements.

  High purity magnesium oxide has high surface activity, high temperature characteristics and high purity. Therefore, magnesium oxide is commonly used in ceramic filters to ensure good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance.

  Magnesium oxide usually affects three parameters of the filter:

  1. The dielectric constant R

  The size of the resonator is inversely proportional to the square root of the dielectric constant of the dielectric material. The larger the dielectric constant of the dielectric material, the smaller the dielectric ceramic block required and the smaller the resonator size.

  2. Quality factor Q

  The microwave dielectric material Q is inversely proportional to the dielectric loss Tand.

  The higher Q value is, the lower insertion loss will be.

  3. Resonance frequency temperature coefficient F

  The resonant frequency of microwave dielectric material varies greatly with temperature, and the carrier signal of the filter will drift at different temperatures.

  The special magnesium oxide for microwave dielectric ceramics of Hebei Meishen Technology Co., LTD has good alkali resistance and electrical insulation.

  High thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity, with good light transmission and thermal conductivity. Meishen is the world's leading producer of magnesium oxide, Magnesium oxide is an oxide of magnesium, an ionic compound. It is a white solid at room temperature. Magnesium oxide exists in the form of periclase in nature and is a raw material for magnesium smelting. Magnesium oxide is white or light yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, this product is insoluble in water and ethanol, melting point 2852 ° C, boiling point 3600 ° C, magnesium oxide has high refractory insulation properties. It can be converted into crystal by burning at a temperature above 1000 ° C. If it rises above 1500 ° C, it will form a burnt magnesia or sintered magnesia.

Magnesium oxide can be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, smelting, advanced magnesia bricks, refractory materials and moisturizing materials. It is also widely used in rubber, rubber sheet, rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic sheet accelerator, glass fiber reinforced plastics and Surface coating of silicon steel sheet, paper production, steel ball polishing, leather treatment, insulation materials, grease, dyes, ceramics, desiccant, resin, flame retardant, etc.

Hebei Meishen Chemical Technology Group is the main magnesium oxide producer in the world. It is also the largest magnesium salt producer in China and has won the ISO9002 quality system certification. It also has GMP-Certification.

With rich experience in the research, development, production, management and operation of magnesium oxide products, Meishen Group has always attached great importance to the research and development of new products and strict requirements on product quality. Meishen has a high-level sales team. The business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world. It is widely welcomed by new and old customers.



Meishen has a high-level sales team. The business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world. It is widely welcomed by new and old customers.

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