The Lowdown On The Load Volume Scanners

by milton ferrara CEO


Using top of the range laser scanning technologies, the Load Volume Scanner, or LVS, from Loadscan can give you accurate measurements for every payload delivered or received by your business.

Combined with proprietary Loadscan software, the LVS works in real time. This is as opposed to making estimated calculations based on minimal data from previous payloads – a process prone to human error as many businesses today still use manual payload measurements techniques.

Below we go over some of the technological features of payload scanners.

Testing and Guaranteed Accuracy

All volume scanner lasers are trade approved and go through stringent testing measures to guarantee their accuracy. This process uses innovative metrological software and state of the art tech to ensure every payload is measured with pinpoint accuracy. Within seconds accurate and high-resolution 3D color profiles of payloads that confirm volume measurements are produced eliminating human error, which can negatively affect a business’s bottom line.

Why Use 3D Color Profiling of Pay Loads?

Using the color profiles eliminates the concept of paying for water content in some pay loads. This also provides evidence for customers that accurate pay loads have been delivered and enables businesses to satisfying customerpay load queries at any point in the business transaction.

Advantages Automated Imaging and Rich Data Reporting

·         Ability to quickly to respond to off center loading

·         Helps businesses run at full capacity with immediate real time reporting available

·         Provides businesses with the confidence to deliver highly accurate and reliable reports

·         Enables businesses to plan a highly efficient supply chain management system

Optimal Accuracy

The LVS software is fully equipped with a selection of balances and checks which ensure optimal accuracy when taking readings of your payloads. This reliable software consistently performs efficiently and accurately with specially designed checks to eliminate human error.


The impressive consistency levels even apply in undesirable and extreme environments. No scheduled maintenance work or recalibrations are needed to ensure top performance continues. The software continues effortlessly whether in a busy hub of activity or a desolate, remote location.

Trade approved and certified in New Zealand and Australia, the Loadscan system is the only one which can prove accuracy within a plus or minus 1 per cent.


Detailed Data


Once your latest bulk of loose material is measured by your non-contactLoadscan system, the data collected is automatically sent to a desktop in your office.

Delivered by Wifi, LAN or a cellular network, the data is instantly uploaded to the Loadscan software where it can be viewed and displayed in a selection of detailed reports. To make the system even more user friendly the reports can also be extracted onto other software programs like Microsoft Excel.

Data collected for the reports cover every aspect of the daily running of the trucks including information on locations of the vehicles, the quality of the materials being accumulated and the movements of the materials in question.

Every payload can be tracked and monitored using this innovative system.

Return On Investment


To be fully operational in your business, the Loadscan system will be up and running in a matter of hours. Portable applications of the system can be ready fast and the first measurements can be ready in as little as 30 minutes.

Within the next 24 hours you will already see an increase in productivity as trucks won’t need to stop in order to be measured. Just driving directly underneath the scanner is all that’s needed to gain the reputable reports.

The in cab systems are completely driver friendly and have the built in checks to eliminate any human error in the produced reports. Even the newest members of your team will be able learn the system quickly.



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