The Key to Online Success

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Develop a Greater Understanding

  • The first things you like to learn to understand is how your own mind works and if you are actually asking smart questions of your self. Too often people have some very irrational ideas and don't even understand that it is virtually impossible to get a smart answer to a stupid question. 
  • So do take the time and examine your thought processes ever more critically and do not consider unstructured chatter and noise in your head as valuable mind activities. It's much better to stop for a moment, calm your mind to review the most recent thoughts which went through your head as to their origin, did they come from internal or external sensations, how much knowledge or experience did you add to them before you actually connected them to other thoughts, ideas or followed up with any action.
  • One important aspect to consider is the amount of mind pollution you may be carrying around in your head greatly reducing your mental abilities to differentiate between rational thinking and the enormous amount of irrationality all around us, from religiosity, over political propaganda and fake news, to rampant commercialism and visual over stimulation which also contributes to a large extent to an amazing amount of mental distraction resulting in an obvious lack of thoughtful reflection, critical thinking or any form of constructive mental activity which produces much intellectual value.
  • Mind Power Development should be a constant, uninterrupted process in your daily life from the moment you wake up and reflect on your dreams for any indications of having gained some insights into your own subconscious,  to your projections of the day ahead in view of advancing your mental abilities in seeking out learning opportunities to enrich your intellectual substance and extend your human essence past the trivial, mind numbing  experience of an uncritically observed reflection of reality from a greatly superficial perspective of an emotionally manipulated  member of an absurd consumer society which will surely come to an end with the downfall of the senseless, profit driven capitalist system. 

       Toronto, 22. January 2020

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The environmental problems are small potatoes compared to how much shit all of humanity still caries in their heads!

It's high time to stage a serious mind revolution with the help of the Internet to stop the criminal elites from continuing to manipulate our intellectual resources, the media & basic cultural values globally
Jan 28th 2020 16:42   
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