The Importance of Plant based Omega 3 Supplement

by Daniel Devid Medical and health

Summary: It seems that opposed to what has been professed till date Omega-3 is found mainly in water algae, feeding on which makes fishes rich in the nutrient. For all you vegetarians out there algae oil is the best nutrient source. Further it helps maintain the food chain balance and is much more cost effective as a source.

The human body needs a wide array of nutrient components to be fit and fine in psyche and organs. This is why doctors always harp on the importance of a well balanced diet. Amongst the various nutrition components like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals – there is Omega 3, a much required fatty acid. Regular consumption of Omega 3 can help improve the general health condition of a person. The immune system will become stronger and the person will have visibly more attractive skin and a luscious mane of hair. Omega 3 also helps to fight depression, enhance eye health, boost brain health of the fetus and infants, reduce risks of cardiac problems and work against the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Look for vegan sources

Generally people say that fish is the richest source of Omega 3. However this is a misconception that must be worked upon. Actually the fatty acid is stored in the small algae of the water (tiny plants that grows beneath the water). Small fishes eat this plant and return gets eaten by the bigger fishes of the water. When these bigger fishes are caught and eaten by the humans they derive the nutrient out of the bigger fish which has been incorporated by them through the food chain. Hence the nutrient is originally found in the water algae and not the fish. Hence the idea of developing plant based omega 3 supplement has found its way into the market.

Better source of nutrient

Nutrition experts and the scientists of the domain have opined the water algae being vegan sources are often a better quality of raw material to develop effective supplements. Often the fish we eat does not contain enough amounts of Omega 3 acids. More often than the amount of fats and other pollutants are bigger majority in fish flesh. Hence not enough nutrients are derived from them that can develop effective Omega 3 supplements. Instead the water algae have a greater source of the nutrient which can be used to develop more effective plant based omega 3 supplements.

Cost effective

Developing these nutrients out of vegan sources can prove to be much more cost effective for the nutrition brands. One thing is for sure that the volume of such water algae available is much greater than that of fishes. Availing tones of fishes on a regular basis to develop the nutrient supplement will come with a considerable cost. As compared to that getting tones of water algae is simple, easier and absolutely for free. No wonder developing these supplements from plans is a much better business proposition.

Environmental friendly

Fishes are an important part of the food chain in the natural environment. Too much of fishing and catching different types of fishes can create an imbalance in the aquatic life. Attaining these water algae to make bottles of supplement intakes is an idea that will harm the environmental balance in no way. This is a process that serves various bills at a single go to perfection.

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