Everything You Need To Know About Algae Oil Omega-3

by Daniel Devid Medical and health

Summary: Algae oil omega-3 is derived from specific marine seaweeds and rich fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. 


Does the image of ugly greenish coating often found on the surface of ponds and lakes come into your mind whenever you think of algae? If you have the vision in mind that they do not have any use in real life, you need to rethink. The cultivation of these microorganisms in laboratories is popular. The unique oil derived from such marine organisms is loaded with beneficial fatty acids. 


Gain an insight


Algae oil omega-3 can aid in proper brain functioning and can decrease inflammation. These products can provide countless health benefits. 


Appropriate for vegetarian dieters


Algae oil omega-3 can help in the promotion of eye, heart, and brain health. One of the rich suppliers of fatty acids is fish oil. However, if you are not a lover of fish oil or do not prefer seafood, you may depend upon a plant-based alternative. 


A brief history


The concept of the introduction of algae as a food source dates way back. In fact, it has been almost a century that positive efforts have been taken in this direction. In the practical world, there are hardly a lot of people who get adequate DHA. It is this handicap that has motivated scientists to come up with alternative means of obtaining fatty acids apart from fish. 


Improved understanding


Salmon is an example of cold-water fish. Such fatty fish are loaded with DHA. However, for people who cannot tolerate the smell of fish, there are other options too. Incorporating DHA in the diet has now become easy with algal oil. This is introduced in not only foods and beverages but also various kinds of supplements.


All about EPA and DHA


There are manifold benefits associated with this product. They act as anti-inflammatory agents and aid in the reduction of clots in the body. The fish oils contain huge proportions of EPA and DHA. The organisms are known for their adaptability to the cold, which is a rich source of these acids. The fish eat algae which are loaded with high amounts of eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. These fatty acids are transferred to the tissues of fish through the consumption of such plants. Even when there is freezing temperature, the membranes are prevented from developing stiffness. 


Sustainable means


When realization dawned upon the health care experts about these products' health benefits, they started recommending them to their patients. At this juncture, issues emerged. Researchers now kept the fish element out and devised ways of production of DHA algae in farms. It is with this intention that algae derive DHA is sustainably added to food products.


Taking a careful approach


It would be best to research intensively on the net to get in touch with a prominent supplier known to provide high-quality health supplements. The supplier you have in mind should focus on the maintenance of the integrity of the products. 

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