The Importance of Optimum Tyre Pressure

by Jesse Harris Midlands Performance Tyres

Food is something that we consume as per our requirements. We do not tend to fill the food up to our throat just because it would take more time to digest and we won’t feel the need to eat anytime soon. Doing this will not only make you feel weird but you might as well throw up, and vomit everything that you ate, due to over-eating. Tyres Shirley follow a similar concept. The air that we fill it up with needs to be of a certain amount and not as much as we want to force it in there. Tyre pressure is a very important aspect of your car, ignoring which can have very negative effects on your car. Keep reading to find out more about tyre pressure and its importance.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is the amount of air present in the tyres of your car. This is what determines how much will be the area of contact between the tyre and the road. The amount of air is inversely proportional to the area of contact with the road, i.e. the more the air, the lesser the area of contact, and vice versa.

Maximum Tyre Pressure

You can find the maximum cold pressure, needed to carry the maximum load capacity of the car, on the sidewall of the car. It is often in the format, ‘Max. Press. 38 PSI.’ This air pressure is the cold air pressure, which means you should fill this much of air if it’s the first thing in the morning, or if the car has been sitting in the shade for a few hours.

Effect of Over-Inflation

Reduction in Control: The increased amount of air pressure causes the edge of the tyres to change shape and leave the road surface. The reduced area of contact is not the ideal position the tyres were supposed to be, therefore, there is a difference in the gripping and traction of the vehicle. This results in reducing the control you have of your car.

Decreased Tyre Life: While you might think that the tyres should last longer because there is less area of contact, this isn’t really the case. Over-inflation causes the centre of the tyre to support more load and, thus, wear faster than usual.

Optimum Tyre Pressure

While it is easily possible to wear your tyres, due to the lack of knowledge of the right air pressure, it is, even more, easier to know the correct amount. You can refer to the owner’s manual to know the adequate amount of air pressure required to maintain your tyres in the best possible condition. You can also refer to the sticker present on the driver’s door, or inside the cap of the fuel tank, to know the optimum air pressure for your car.

It is very easy to ignore something so small, but its best you turn your ship the first time you see the iceberg. You never know how big it might be under the water. Similarly, ignoring air pressure in your Tyres Shirley can save you time for now, but take a lot more of it later on when you’ll have to switch them. Tyre pressure is more important than what most people consider it to be and any queries should only be cleared out be from the experts. Incorrect knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge.

In case you need any assistance related to your car’s tyre pressure, contact us at Midlands Performance Tyres. We have a team of experienced professionals who will provide you with the best pieces of advice, and also cater to any issues that you might be facing.

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