The Importance of Exposing Children to Racial Diversity through Play

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One of the biggest factors that contribute to the healthy development of children is exposure to diversity. The more diverse children's environments are, the more comfortable they become with race, gender, and ability differences. This helps them develop empathy and open-mindedness that will carry into adulthood and make them far less likely to have discriminatory views or negative actions in the future.

While there's plenty you can do at home with your kids on this subject, it's also important to take advantage of opportunities when you can naturally bring these diverse experiences into your kids' lives — like through playtime!

If a child doesn't see someone who looks like them playing, they don't believe they can play.

Since children only know how the world works from their perspective, they look at the world from what they can see. This is how they build their view of the world. If a child sees someone playing who doesn't look like them, they don't always feel comfortable running up to play.  Children are only familiar with what they see and what they have been taught. The right kids' toys and activities could profoundly affect an individual's perception and understanding of themselves and others.

How to celebrate racial diversity in kids' play?

One way to celebrate racial diversity in kids' play is by introducing a variety of multicultural toys or supplies. These can include toys that show their culture, toys from different countries, or even multicultural Barbies, which are now widely available in most toy stores. You can also try out new games that involve learning how different cultures celebrate holidays or other life events. Lastly, you can introduce a variety of sensory toys for them (for example, color stacking blocks and fidgets), making it a tactile experience as well.

By learning more about other cultures, children can learn more about themselves and understand why some people may be different than they are while still having many things in common too!

Introducing children to shared cultures.

Children are more likely to see people outside their own race than ever before. It is the responsibility of parents and other adults in their lives to provide a multicultural experience for their kids. Introducing children to people who don't look like them can positively impact their understanding of differences and help them accept different cultures and be more inclusive.

Kids need exposure to racial diversity to grow up understanding, accepting, and appreciating people who are different from themselves because it is only by seeing differences that they can start accepting everyone for who they are. Teaching children about diverse cultures is an integral part of our education system and should be an integrated subject taught alongside reading, writing, math, etc.


In this modern, connected world, exposing your children to as much diversity as possible is crucial to foster global thinking and understanding of different cultures, beliefs, and perspectives. Studies have shown that when children are exposed to diversity at a young age, they become more accepting and less likely to be biased towards others with different ethnicities or backgrounds than themselves.

If you have young children, you can incorporate diversity toys into their playtime so that they can learn about other people and where they come from in an approachable way.

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