The importance of a beautiful smile

by Marshall W. Writer
We live in the society of the image and that is why a beautiful smile will help us to socialize better, to feel better with ourselves. In this sense, dental veneers have a lot to do with it, as they allow us to enjoy a cinematic smile, correcting all the imperfections that our teeth may have.

Today many patients want to align their teeth for a more beautiful smile and a functional and balanced occlusion. Thanks to orthodontics, which is the branch of dentistry that is based on aligning teeth, it is possible.

In the past orthodontics was worn more by children and young people, while today we see patients of all ages wearing orthodontics, because it is never too late to get their mouth fixed and all patients have this right, no matter what their age.

Types of orthodontics and brackets

There are several types of orthodontics, among them two main groups:

  1. removable orthodontics
  2. fixed orthodontics

The orthodontics that best aligns the teeth in less time is the fixed orthodontics with brackets.

There are two types of brackets: metal and sapphire.

Metal brackets: Metal brackets are what have been used for many years, they are the universal ones that everyone knows.

Invisible braces: From the years tonwards, as the aesthetic demand increased, porcelain or sapphire brackets, much more aesthetic due to their white-transparent color, began to be marketed.

Thanks to these brackets all those patients who do not want to wear orthodontics because they do not accept to see themselves with metal brackets can fulfill their dream of a perfect mouth. These brackets are like metal brackets but are made of a different transparent material that is almost invisible in the mouth.  

When can invisible braces be used?

Your dentist will advise you on the orthodontics that best suits your diagnosis and case, clearly if we are talking about a very strong malocclusion then the ideal would be metal brackets due to the need for significant orthodontic strength and treatment times, which with sapphire would take too long.

In all cases of mild malocclusion we can then take advantage of the aesthetics of the sapphire brackets and a white smile.

Lingual brackets, another option

What if it bothers me that you see braces when you smile and talk even if they're sapphire? For all those patients who do not want the brackets to look either metal or sapphire there is the option of lingual orthodontics.

What is lingual orthodontics?  

Just as the tooth has a vestibular face (outwards) and a lingual/palatal face (inwards), there is now the possibility of attaching the brackets to the lingual face of the teeth, hence the name lingual orthodontics. It is the same as conventional orthodontics with metal brackets in terms of results and treatment times but is more complex to perform and therefore more expensive than conventional braces.

Can everyone do tongue braces? 

There is no limitation, all patients can choose this treatment as long as their dentist indicates it is the best choice.


  • They're more expensive.
  • They require a more sophisticated technique.
  • It's not done in every clinic.


There are many options to take care of your teeth and get a beautiful smile with aligned teeth. Just as each one is a different world and each mouth is a different world, there is no one orthodontist that is better than another, there are patients who need one type of orthodontics and others who need another type, which will depend on several factors that the orthodontist has to analyze.

If the patient is motivated, is committed to wear orthodontics well, to take care of oral hygiene and to have patience, then the treatment will be a success and this at all ages, because it is never too late to get better.

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