The Holy Bible

by Floyd F. Spiritual-Religious-IM- Consultant

The Holy Bible is God’s letter to man (aka, The Word, The Gospel et al) and His relationship with man from the beginning (Genesis) until the end (Revelation). [The Holy Bible here throughout will mainly refer to The King James version bible].

To me, The Holy Bible is a love story about God’s love for His ultimate creation, which is man. Not unlike many real-life stories, there is love and hate, life and death, promises and regrets, war and sorrows, victories and defeats, stress and grief, grace and faith, belief and unbelief, and above all, miracles and the miraculous.

The Holy Bible consists of two hemispheres, The Old Testament and The New Testament. The Holy Bible consists of 66 books which comprise The Old and New Testaments. The Holy Bible originally consisted of five books or canons (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy; also known as The Pentateuch, The Law (of Moses) and The Torah).

There are many authors that comprise of the whole Bible, however, Moses is credited with being the author of the Pentateuch (the first five books). He is also the main character as it was he that God trusted with leading His People and it was Moses that God gave the LAW (commandments and statutes) upon the Mount, to lead, teach, correct and direct His People.

The Holy Bible begins with God telling how He created the Universe and the creation of Earth, the plants and animals and ultimately man (and woman) [The first book, Genesis, is where you can find this information]. It goes on to tell the story of God and His chosen people (Israel), AND ultimately making all peoples (The Gentiles or Nations and Israel) His People and central to the story.

The Holy Bible is God’s guide or instruction to man on how man is supposed to live and how man is supposed to worship Him.

You see, God created man for His pleasure, however, no matter how man tried, he ultimately could not follow God’s letter to the letter. Or I should say man would not consistently follow God’s laws and statutes, ultimately leading to man’s fall from grace.

You see, God gave man “free will” and this was probably man’s greatest gift from God, yet it was also man’s Achilles hill.

Since man’s fall from Grace, in the Garden.., he was doomed to sin. As if this wasn’t enough, Satan along with a third of the Heavenly angels rebelled against God and came to Earth and mixed with the daughters of men which led to abominations in God’s eyes. There were giants in those days…

God was so furious that He decided to destroy the world with water by creating a great flood that would wash away all the sinful abominations except Noah and his family which was righteous in God’s eyes.

God had Noah to build an ark that would survive the flood. And Noah, along with his family, would bring along two of every living thing in an effort to start all over and begin anew and live righteously, according to God’s laws.

To say in the least, things did not all work out according to how God wanted but God promised He would not destroy the world again, in this way.

The Holy Bible ends with Revelation, a revealing of prophesies et al,  through revelations and predictions that must come to pass, in order for the story to end in this World Age and continue a new in the next World Age, also known as The Eternity.

God ultimately will create a NEW world where there is no more evil and He will ultimately create His kingdom on Earth where He, the angles and man will live together for all eternity, as was originally meant in The Holy Bible.

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