The Healthy Manhood Primer: How to Spot Pleasure Addiction

by John Dugan Owner

Let’s be honest: Men love pleasure. Men love pleasure so much that sometimes, a guy might wonder if he has a pleasure addiction. A guy might do all sorts of things to foster his healthy manhood, such as using a good member health crème or otherwise taking care of his beloved tool, but it’s important to remember that not all member health goes back to the male organ itself. Sometimes it goes back to the mental and emotional issues that might lead to problems for that member, such as pleasure addiction.

But how does a man know if he has a pleasure addiction or simply really, really loves pleasure?

Understanding Pleasure addiction

Also known as hypersensuality, pleasure addiction is defined as a preoccupation with sensual fantasy. It can include elements of casual or anonymous coupling, the excessive use of adult materials, self-gratifying to a point where it interferes with daily life, romantic intensity, and objectification of partners. To be classified as pleasure addiction, these behaviors must last for six months or more. It must also continue despite the efforts to stop it or curb it. It will likely have serious impacts on a person’s personal life, social life, and ability to work. In fact, it can be easily compared to a gambling addiction, or even an addiction to alcohol and tablets.

But Is It Really Addiction?

There is some debate about what actually constitutes an addiction. That’s because the object of addiction – in this case, pleasure – is used to make a person feel better. However, men use sensual fun and self-pleasuring all the time to relieve anxiety and stress. So is it really an addiction?

The answer lies in how often it happens, or how much of a crutch it becomes. If a guy is constantly turning to adult materials, self-pleasuring, one partner after another, or intense sensual fantasy to stay on an even keel, or is doing it to excess in every way, then it’s a pleasure addiction. If a man is simply using self-pleasuring and the like to feel good, however, that’s a different story. Though he might be capable of a pleasure addiction, if he can control what he’s doing, he’s likely not addicted.

Getting Help for Pleasure Addiction

If a man thinks he has a pleasure addiction, he owes it to himself to ensure a healthy manhood – and a healthy mind. To that end, it’s important to speak to a counselor who knows a great deal about addiction, specifically pleasure addition. There are many groups that will open their doors to meeting those who are seeking recovery, just as is the case with alcoholics. Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to help, as has certain medications to stabilize the mood.

It’s important to remember that sometimes, addiction can’t be kicked by a guy all alone. He needs support around him. It’s always a good idea to try to pull back from the addictive behaviors, but for the best results and regaining his life, a guy should always seek out professional help as well.

Maintaining a Healthy Manhood

Men with a pleasure addiction often engage in very frequent pleasure, so they must be aware of how to protect their member health. The use of a protective device is always a good idea, as is the use of a superior member health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). A man should look specifically for a crème that contains acetyl L carnitine, which can help restore sensitivity, as well as Shea butter, which can help protect and heal the raw skin.

Visit for additional information on most common member health issues, tips on improving sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy manhood. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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