The Health Effects and Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

by Jose Malave I am an author.

Today people have more control over what they drink, thanks to Reverse Osmosis and its applications. RO filters and purifiers have allowed us the luxury to drink water from whichever source is close. Before people didn’t know what is harmful and what isn’t, later, they had to avoid even the easily accessible sources because they were polluted. Now, they simply have to get a purifier and they are all set.

People living near brackish sources, the beach, industrial wastelands don’t have to shift their houses due to polluted lakes and wells. Highly advanced reverse osmosis systems allow them to get the purest and safest water at their disposal. But could it have any effects on the health that we don’t know of?

Health Effects Of An RO Purifier

A study by WHO (World Health Organisation) revealed that people who consumed RO water on a regular basis were reported with several mineral deficiencies like potassium, magnesium, and more importantly calcium. This was a direct result of the filtration process in the RO system that does not allow molecules bigger than that of water to reach the other side. 

When the body doesn’t get the required minerals especially calcium from water, it begins taking it out from the bones causing a big health risk, and this is just a single example. Iron, magnesium, zinc and many more absent minerals can cause an even bigger problem.

The Answer: Remineralization 

Remineralization filters are additional filters in the RO system that are meant to add minerals. Due to its importance, the filter is added at the very end of the purification process where the water is deficient of minerals but safe and pure, gets its dose of the required minerals in standard amounts. These systems are usually 5 Stage RO Filters with the last stage meant for remineralization.

The Health Benefits

Water is the answer to many minor health problems related to the skin, blood flow, even the brain. Staying hydrated keeps a person active mentally and physically. And RO Systems have helped create a safe environment that keeps diseases away and comes with all the benefits. In fact, in the U.S., the top 10 health problems do not include any diseases or illnesses directly associated with water. 

Some of the health benefits of RO water are:

  • Helps to be energized all-day
  • Hydration helps in weight control
  • Reduces stress on the body and mind
  • Hydration before a workout allows better outcomes
  • Supports digestion
  • Keeps skin healthy
  • Reduces the chances of kidney stones.

Reverse Osmosis with new advancements each year becomes safer by the day. The health effects are outdone by the benefits associated making it the best chance of water treatment. Having an RO filter in today’s day and age, is very important and reverse osmosis can be trusted.

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