The Guide to Buying a Diesel Scissor Lift

by Advika Ahuja Industrial Equipment

A diesel scissor lift is an aerial work platform which is used in the construction, carpentry, masonry and basically any industry which might require workers to elevate between heights to get work done. It is basically a standing platform placed on a structure that moves up and down to enable lifting. It is called a scissor lift because of the way it looks: like multiple scissors placed across each other, which is the primary factor enabling movement. They have a lower platform height than the typical boom lifts and can only go up to 20 to 50 feet.


Scissor lifts are only capable of moving upwards and that is enabled by the crisscrossing braces. This ladder forming several ‘X’s’ is known as a pantograph. What is so special about the diesel scissor lift is that the ladder can be compressed, making it very easy to store. A machine so big and powerful, which can be stored so well, is truly a wonder.


A diesel scissor lift, true to its name, is powered by electric or diesel engine. Electric ones are more suitable for indoor usage because of the low ventilation they require. A scissor lift also ensures complete safety which is why it is a great tool worthy of use.


Things to keep in mind before using a diesel scissor lift:


·      Make sure that the area is well equipped with all basic safety features. See to it that the weather is not foul. Put up ‘danger’ and caution signs around the area. Ensure that the scissor lift is set up on an even area.

·      Make sure there are multiple people around the location. One expert operator should stand near the controls to adjust them while the person on top of the work platform should also be well equipped on the working and protocol of the machine.


You can either buy a scissor lift or get a diesel scissor lift rental. Also available are diesel scissor lifts for sale. Before doing either, there are again certain things that you must keep in mind.


·      The work platforms are quite big, so you don’t need to worry about the workers fitting in there. They also have quite some space to move about and this eliminates the problem of repositioning the machine again and again.

·      The lifting height and capacity is not consistent. It can range anywhere between 2 to 18 meters of height. They can also have different features depending on the model. Choose the one best for you.

·      The four-wheel drives are the most highly recommended ones. They can navigate any type of terrain with ease. For outdoor projects, machines with wheels are the best options. There are also machines available which have the dragging metal roller wheels.

·      As mentioned above, for indoor use, electricity powered ones are a better option. This ensures that no toxic fumes are let out in a confined area. If the space is a problem, you can always opt for one with a narrower work platform.

·      Scissor lifts are a better option than ladders. Not only are they safer, they can also accommodate multiple people, offer more ease for working and are overall more convenient. They’re also free standing. In ladders, one or more people have to stand to hold the ladder.


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