The Future Of Interior Design: Holistic Interior Design

by Brittany Wolfe Content Writer

Interior designing is focused on how your space looks and functions and over the years it has become a hot topic among homeowners. Everyone wants to have a magazine cover home and are always on the lookout for the new trends in the industry. 

With the evolution of everything else, the interior design industry is also evolving, and the focus is slowly being shifted from being completely visually pleasing towards more comfortable living. With the onset of holistic interior design, décor is not the only priority but designing a space that helps lead life instinctively is also one. With a holistic interior designing approach, one can end up with a space that truly expresses their inner vision. Here's everything you need to know about holistic interior design.

What is holistic interior design?

A holistic approach is characterized by the belief that each part of a thing is interconnected and together forms a whole. In other words, holistic interior design is such that it takes into consideration every aspect of a person's lifestyle to design a space that allows an individual to live in a way that is both mentally and physically healthier for them.

Holistic interior design takes into account the fact that the space one lives in has a great impact on them from a physical, emotional, and mental perspective. Bad interior design not only has a visual impact but an emotional and mental impact as well. With a bad home layout, it becomes difficult to manage the storage space, ultimately making your home cluttered and overwhelming you in the process. 

As everything is interconnected in a space, which as a whole impacts you, a holistic design approach focuses on resolving these issues by bringing health and wellness components into the design of a space.

The various aspects of holistic interior design

The holistic interior design can be broken down into three different aspects.

Physical aspect

This aspect focuses on how people function in certain spaces. Like moving from one room of the house to another, their lifestyle, and their everyday routines. Considering all this the designer will design every component and part of the house in a way that it is most comfortable in the physical sense.

Visual aspect

The visual aspect is how your home looks or the décor of your home. The design scheme of your home should be such that it reflects an individual's personal style. The visual aspect is also an important part of holistic interior design as what we find visually pleasing in our home also makes us happy, thereby contributing to the overall health and happiness. You can also do this yourself with the help of one of the best interior decorating courses in NJ.

Emotional aspect

This is the hardest aspect of the holistic design to be addressed. This aspect of holistic design and decor involves incorporating color psychology and even neuroscience to some extent. Color psychology plays a great role in how a living space impacts the mood and of an individual. Although it is hard for a person to pinpoint what element of the design pleases them, a holistic designer with adequate research and skills can incorporate some good stuff in the design that can contribute to a positive emotional response for the client.

Benefits of holistic interior design

The holistic interior design process as we have learned so far is not just about beauty but it takes into consideration various aspects and there are a couple of benefits of this type of design.

  • The holistic design allows you to regard the unique aspects of your personality and your life. This type of design is not just about following the design trends but rather makes your home visually attractive while taking into account your wellness as well.

  • Living in a space that nourishes you in stressful times helps bring out the beat in you.

  • The design of a space with the help of various techniques like color therapy, lighting elements, and evaluation of electromagnetic fields, etc helps create harmony and balance between the space and the people living in it.

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