The Function Of Magnesium oxide In Silicon Steel Coatings

by Hu Yanchao Magnesium oxide manufacturers in China

Silicon steel sheet is widely used for low voltage electrical industry a kind of soft magnetic materials, is the low voltage electrical silicon steel roll often into standard specifications of the big piece of silicon steel sheet or orientation, overseas call high-voltage electric porcelain plate, common to motor, generator set, power transformer, electromagnetic energy unit, solenoid valve of the electronic components and inductive sensors.Silicon steel sheet is divided into cold rolled steel sheet and hot rolled steel sheet.Cold rolled steel sheet silicon steel sheet has excellent magnetic energy along the casting and rolling, not only in the strong magnetic field has a high saturation state of magnetic flux relative density and low iron loss, and in the weak magnetic field also has a good magnetic (the original permeability is large.

  Magnesium oxide is generally used in oriented steel coating, silicon steel sheet used in motor core and transformer coil.In order to better realize the electrical on the physical properties of transformer core, orientation of the silicon steel sheet in the manufacturing process of silicon steel sheet has a 1200-1250 degrees for high temperature tempering heat treatment process, in order to better the tempering heat treatment process can make the iron metal pieces atomic structure realizes the regular orientation, of the surface layer of silicon steel sheet with excellent insulation film, this process be sure to use the length of the 7 days can achieve, in such a long-term continuous high temperature, to prevent the silicon steel sheet into iron tuo, usually in the middle of the silicon steel sheet with coating for high temperature tempering heat treatment isolation agent to prevent the silicon steel sheet is formed,

Magnesium oxide is normally added to this coating.Silicon steel coating using light 98 or heavy 98 magnesium oxide or analysis of pure light magnesium oxide as an additive, magnesium oxide in the coating filling proportion in 25%, the key to the magnesium oxide index value is less SO4, chloride ion, iron ion, adjustment in the 0.01%.The key is used as silicon steel manufacturing process of continuous high temperature heat treatment tempering insulation agent, insulating layer coating agent, dephosphorization agent in steel, desulfurization agent.

MeiShen is the world's leading producer of magnesium oxide,Magnesium oxide is an oxide of magnesium, an ionic compound. It is a white solid at room temperature. Magnesium oxide exists in the form of periclase in nature and is a raw material for magnesium smelting. Magnesium oxide is white or light yellow powder, odorless, tasteless, this product is insoluble in water and ethanol, melting point 2852 ° C, boiling point 3600 ° C, magnesium oxide has high refractory insulation properties. It can be converted into crystal by burning at a temperature above 1000 ° C. If it rises above 1500 ° C, it will form a burnt magnesia or sintered magnesia.

Magnesium oxide can be used in the manufacture of metallurgy, smelting, advanced magnesia bricks, refractory materials and moisturizing materials. It is also widely used in rubber, rubber sheet, rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic sheet accelerator, glass fiber reinforced plastics and Surface coating of silicon steel sheet, paper production, steel ball polishing, leather treatment, insulation materials, grease, dyes, ceramics, desiccant, resin, flame retardant, etc.

Hebei MeiShen Chemical Technology Group is the main magnesium oxide producer in the world. It is also the largest magnesium salt producer in China and has won the ISO9002 quality system certification. It also has GMP-Certification.

With rich experience in the research, development, production, management and operation of magnesium oxide products, MeiShen Group has always attached great importance to the research and development of new products and strict requirements on product quality.MeiShen has a high-level sales team.The business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world.It is widely welcomed by new and old customers.



MeiShen has a high-level sales team.The business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world.It is widely welcomed by new and old customers.

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