The Form of the Female Hymen and Virginity

by Resi Raphael Klinik
In general, of the many women who do not know the shape of the female hymen and virginity both about understanding, differences and any dangers that affect the hymen.

The hymen is a layer of membrane that is very thin and widened at the bottom of a woman's vagina. Virginity in women is generally very closely related to hymen with conditions that are still intact or have never been torn.

Some people believe that if there is a tear or have an intimate relationship, a sign that the woman is not a virgin. Therefore some women sought out and wanted to know, medical doctors and hymen surgery in South Cikarang.

Following below are some of the female hymen forms that you (women) need to know to make sure the forms you don't know, include:
  1. Annular hymen, This hymen is a normal form or perfect shape with the characteristics of a ring-like shape.
  2. Imperforate hymen, The shape of this woman's hymen type does not completely cover the opening of Miss V, this form is often found in girls during late menstruation.
  3. Microperforate hymen, This shape is different from the imperforate hymen which is almost completely covered in the miss V hole, but if so, the blood from menstruation can still come out.
  4. Hymen septate, This type has two openings on miss V but also does not stop menstrual blood flow, but can block the use of tampons in virgin girls.

If anyone wants to be asked about the shape of the hymen, hymen surgery, the cause of torn hymen and others can be free online consultation (chat whatsapp) and telephone with raphael clinic medical personnel by clicking on the description below.

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Shredded Women's Hymen
Of the several problems and explanations of the shape of the female hymen and virginity above the raphael clinic provides a solution in providing info about hymen surgery that you can get by doing a free online consultation (whatsapp chat) by clicking on the description below.

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The following below are some of the causes of the occurrence of a torn hymen that many women experience in general, including:
  1. Have had an accident in childhood or adolescence.
  2. Exercise fast biking and riding.
  3. Have a history of using a medical device during a vaginal examination.
  4. Heavy stretching exercises.
  5. Frequent masturbation or inserting a finger into the vagina.
  6. And others.

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