The Factors on Which Split Air Conditioning System Installation Cost Would Depend

by William Jones manager

Whatever people do in today’s world has an easily-palpable economic aspect entangled with it - and there is hardly any scope of denial of this fact. People think of aesthetics at times, and go to the extent of placing aesthetic values far before the commercial values. Even then, at the hindsight, they have one of their eyes fixed on their wallet.

Likewise, when things come down to choosing the right type of air conditioning system, while one part of the story is governed by the needs, the other part is determined by the cost factor - for obvious reasons. So that’s the way things go!

And hence, here is a quick review of the factors on which the cost of installation of a split air conditioning system would depend. The factors one MUST consider while opting for a split unit.

The cost that people end up paying depends upon 2 factors:

  • The technical specifications of the unit
  • The labour that is needed for installation

The Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of a typical split AC system can be sub divided into the following points.

The number of units needed:

A split AC system is consisted of three basic parts -

  1. The outdoor unit (which is the condenser)
  2. The conduit (which is essentially the refrigerant and all the electrical circuitry that run from the indoor unit and connects to its outdoor counterpart),
  3. The indoor unit (or the evaporator, which blows the conditioned air into the interior of the room)

Technically speaking, a split system is designed to cool a particular room or a definite area that is limited in terms of dimension.

Well, the power (or the tonnage) of the unit might vary depending upon the size of the room and the dimension of area it has to cool up.

However, when it comes to cooling multiple rooms or areas, people will need multiple units. Understandably, the cost of split air conditioning installation in Melbourne will depend upon the number of units to be installed.

The BTU Output:

Cost of installation depends upon the BTU output. The higher the BTU output, the higher will be the cost of installation.

The BTU on the other hand, would depend upon the following factors:

  1. The number of windows and doors of room(s)
  2. The location of the room (if it is kitchen or a room close to the kitchen the BTU will go up)
  3. The amount of sunlight the room(s) get(s)
  4. The quality of insulation of the room and the ceiling height
  5. The number and type of light bulbs of the rooms
  6. The number of inhabitants
  7. Whether the room(s) is/are carpeted or not

SEER Rating:

The higher is the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) the higher will be the price of the unit and the cost of installation thereof. However, it will reduce the amount of monthly power bills significantly.

The SEER of a quality split unit varies between 13 to 21, which essentially tells the extent of cooling the unit provides against the amount of energy it consumes. Hence, when it comes to installation of split system in Melbourne, the SEER rating needs to be considered as well.

So all these factors need to be taken into account before installation of the split AC system as they will collectively determine the cost.

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