The Eternal Debate Over Bath - Should It Be Freestanding or Built-in?

by James Spencer Blogger

So let us puff off the dust of that eternal war over the best bathtub in the offing. Is it the free-standing ones or it is the built-in variety that should win the title finally. The issue is not yet settled and the dust of war shows no sign of settling. Here is just a slice of that war cake that goes on between the two varieties of bathtubs.

When practicality is a parameter

When practicality is the determining parameter, the two varieties go neck and neck. A freestanding bath can be a perfect choice. It can be shifted from the edges of the walls so that the gap between the tub and the wall can be cleaned to remove the cobwebs and dust, sticky soapy suds, which cannot be reached even using a vacuum. 

On the other hand, a built-in tub is a relatively easier solution to all these hassles. In fact, it is the best way to bypass them. Also, their edges offer a place to rest candles and soaps, and even a glass of wine if one wants to.

So honours are even on this front, and the bout does not decide the winner.

The Placement Factor

When it comes to the placement factor, the freestanding baths in Perth like anywhere else in the world are larger than the built-in variety. Hence, when it comes to fitting them in a smaller bathroom, they might pose a problem.

From that point of view, a built-in variety would score more, because of their smaller size, which fits in a smaller toilet without much hassle. Thus, these baths are better space-saving solution in this regard.

Here, the built-in baths score a point over their free-standing variety.

The Price

Price varies, depending upon the aesthetics and the dimension of the baths. Thus, there is no such thumb rule that one variety of bath has to be cheaper or more expensive than the other one. Thus, from the price point of view, both the freestanding baths in Perth and the built-in ones are at par with each other. 


When it comes to plumbing, both the varieties have their own merits and demerits. 

While plumbing, the freestanding bath is a bit complex and needs the intervention of experts, and may also need running a new pipe. This shortcoming can be neutralised by the fact that one can move these tubs. The fact that it can be moved makes plumbing trifle easier.

Plumbing the built-in ones, on the other hand, is much easier as some of them already have a plumbing pre-installed. There is also a place where the pipes can be tucked in, to keep them out of the sight.

Hence, strictly speaking, both the two varieties are unique in their own ways, and thus are extremely popular among their users. While the ones with larger toilets would opt for the freestanding baths, people with smaller toilets would prefer to use the built-in ones to make up the lack of space.

In fact, there are companies that come up with the freestanding as well as built-in baths leaving it for the users to decide upon the variety they would prefer the most.

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