The Essential Guide to Matching Men's Clothes

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer
Building your wardrobe becomes easier if you have a solid foundation of basic casual attire. You can add novelty to the basics such as printed lungi or simply stick to the classics. Allow us to assist you in nailing casual basics. This is a casual basic outfit guide for the modern man; suits and business attire are not included. It's just a matter of putting the outfits together once you've decided on your favourite shirt and pant styles (or fits). Here's a quick guide to matching the pieces.

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Solid Same Color

A fantastic but underutilised style option. This combination visually lengthens the body, making you appear taller and thinner by not cutting it in half. Because it is a clean casual look, it is ideal for emphasising favourite accessories such as shoes or a great belt.

STYLE TIP – When building your wardrobe foundation, stick to blues and neutrals. You'll have more outfit options, and the versatility will make you feel more confident when it comes to incorporating colour and pattern.


Tone-on-tone casual outfits are an excellent alternative to solid colour outfits. The difference in colour between a top and bottom can make a huge difference in the overall feel of the outfit. A classic tone-on-tone outfit consists of navy pants and a light blue shirt. The possibilities are endless, but shades of grey create a very modern look.

STYLE TIP – Make sure the hues match; for example, all colours can have a warm or cool tint to them. If you wear blue, make sure that both blues are warm or cool (a cool blue will have a green or yellow cast and a warm blue will have a red, orange, pink or purple cast).

Neutral Bottom, Color Top

The simplest way to incorporate colour into your casual look. By "colour," we mean blue, olive, and burgundy. There will be no neons or other colours that you may be wondering about.

STYLE TIP – For a serious casual look, wear dark colours. Deep jewel tones are ideal for men all year. Because they were rare and projected a sense of prestige, kings wore robes dyed in dark rich colours. Rich colours are less common nowadays, but they still convey the same sense of prestige.

Color Bottom, Neutral Top

The inverse of the preceding, best achieved with jeans or classic colours. Olive green pants are a great choice for this outfit because they can be treated as neutral.
STYLE TIP – Keep colour to a minimum and stick to neutrals. This means that if not done correctly, wearing colour on the top (shirt) and bottom (pants) can look busy or simply messy and uncoordinated. Colour tops should be matched to neutral bottoms, and colour bottoms should be matched to neutral tops.

Neutral Top, Neutral Bottom

Light chinos with a dark khaki top are an example of an often-overlooked combination. Grey shades can be a modern look that exudes a strong sense of casual style.

STYLE TIP – Dark wash and regular wash denim can be worn as a neutral for most occasions – modern men have embraced denim as part of their everyday wardrobe. The more we can naturally incorporate items into our lives, the more classic they become.

Back to White

White, like neutral combinations, is so versatile and timeless that it deserves its own category. This should be a go-to look for any guy's casual wardrobe like pure cotton lungi or others. Be wary of white with black bottoms, as this is the uniform of the service industry. That isn't to say you can't wear it to a more formal occasion or with a more casual look (e.g. white t-shirt or henley with black chinos).

STYLE TIP – Wear light colours to project a happier, lighter demeanour. The power of a solid white shirt may never be fully comprehended. When paired with light-coloured chinos or denim, a white shirt is one of the most positive-attitude casual outfits a modern man can put together.

Back to Black

According to popular belief, black goes with everything. The black on the top casual outfit is frequently underutilised. This is a must-have for any man, regardless of skin tone or body type; you can't go wrong.

STYLE TIP – For a more casual look, pair black back with lighter-coloured pants. Darker bottoms will make you appear more formal.

Pattern on Top

This is a foundation for the next level of casual dressing, which includes more novelty and interest. Often, your accessories, such as watches and belts, will perform this function. When you need to take things up a notch, a notch pattern is a simple solution. Always begin with the classics and then branch out. For this, a simple dot is an excellent choice.

STYLE TIP – Avoid wearing plaid. This is a difficult concept for most men to grasp. Plaid is a trend that is in decline, overused, and on its way out. It is preferable to spend your money on prints, patterns, or large checks, which give you more options for creating your own casual style and do not date.

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