The DO’s of Scaffolding in Construction

by Larry Chetan Business
Everyone in the construction industry understands the hazards associated with the industry. Consequently, they know the main causes of those hazards and especially what would lead to workers' deaths or maiming. Among the hazards that constitute about 40 percent of the fatalities are falling. Among the leading causes of falls, poorly done scaffolding is responsible for about 16 percent. As well over 65 percent of construction workers use scaffolds, it is rather important that everyone understand what they are supposed to do to ensure safe usage of the systems. Here are some of the DO's while using the systems.

The OSHA standards of operation using scaffolding are incredibly detailed. Therefore, we cannot list all of them. However, a general list of the most prevalent DO’s would serve everyone better. Before using the systems, you should go through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website for more guidelines.

The first DO is getting adequately trained before you use any scaffold. The training must be done by qualified personnel. It should include fall and falling objects, electrocution identification and avoidance, and the procedures for dealing with all those hazards.

Before you get on a scaffold, DO ensure that a competent person has inspected them. You should also confirm that they are in good working order either after or before the work shift. Before is highly preferable.

DO ensure that qualified people erect them. You should also have a skilled person on standby to help with any alterations, movements, and general management. People who are trained and approved should also be the only ones to dismantle them.

DO always wear your hard hat whenever you are working on scaffolds. Whether you are working around, on, or below them, your safety comes first, and the hat will come in handy to protect you. Try and get sturdy and non-skid work boots too.

Lastly, if you are ever unsure about anything, DO consult. Do not attempt to do anything if you cannot guarantee the safety of your workers after that. Ensure you check with the supervisor first. Also, refer to the user manuals.

The key issue in ensuring safety boils down to whether the systems are safe to use or not. This means that safety is only guaranteed if the scaffolds were erected by qualified personnel. Competent persons should also supervise them and have a prior inspection to ensure they are fit for erection. It is also essential that each worker expected to work on the scaffolding structures be equipped with proper protective and anti-fall gear. The workers should also undergo training offered by experts on safe work practices and many companies in scaffolding rental VT are well versed here.

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