The Different Land Surveys Symbols The Land Surveyors Use

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By land survey, we mean the detailed record defining your property. Documenting the features, a land surveyor lays off the land, property dimensions as well as natural boundaries. The entire information is combined with the two-dimensional map. The surveyors, however, for creating this map marks the property using flags, stakes and steel rods for different significant purposes. All these items are marked with different symbols, as well as acronyms. 

In this discussion, we shall talk about the symbols the land surveyors use while surveying the properties in Perth.


Common Surveyor Symbols
Owing to the nature of their works, the land surveyors use a number of physical markings when they are surveying a property. All these markings comprise of colour-coded tapes, flags, and stakes and acronyms- marked.

Surveyor Tapes and Flags
Surveyor flags are often referred to as streamers, and tapes are attached to the fences, trees and or a stake, as placed by the survey. Often these flags and tapes have symbols and colours explaining whatever the land surveyor had found in that very spot. But in some cases, these markings could lack symbolism, which means it could be a part of the proposed working site or a path.

Stakes With Simple Markings
Flags having some identification types, like the name or numbers are used for a proposed well pad access to roach location. Dimensions are not given on the stakes with multiple markings.

Stakes With Basic Identification and Simple Flags
The stakes indicate the access route for being used by the trucks and equipment for getting to the proposed pipeline in the right way. 

Control Points
Just like the surveyor flags, the control points are the places on the property that the land surveyors does not disturb. This area will be frequently surrounded by the perimeter line with tape and staples. There are a few cases when the metal pins are used other than the wood stakes.

Limit of Disturbance
The land surveyors mark the limit of disturbance using special markings and stakes. It could be either the property's edge or the property's section, which cannot be distributed. The property's edges, specifically the corners, are marked usually using the boundary survey monument or a steel rod. 

Pipelines are marked with stakes with flags and “centre line”.

Precise Location Markings
Usually, these stakes have a steel pin associated with them. These stakes give the site's longitude, latitude and elevation. 

Permanent Property Lines
The markings, like the one-inch steel rods with alum cap, denote the properties' property lines and corners. "Boundary survey monuments" are another kind of permanent property lines or corner makers. Most likely, these are the aluminium cap on top of a 1-inch diameter steel bar.

Depending on the size and condition of the land, the land surveyors conduct the surveys. The best time for surveying in Perth is Spring. Above all, to derive a complete report and document the survey findings, the land surveyors use a series of symbols, which further guide them as well as the owner to make informed decisions. 

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