The culture of dating in different countries

by Mari B. Journalist and Blogger

Dating is different everywhere in the world. The unique cultural background of countries necessitates certain kinds of actions on the part of the two people going out. By understanding these differences, one can gain an appreciation for the cultural expectations of people from other parts of the world.

How coordinates and time changes the culture of dating

We tend to think of cultures as fixed points. Since people only live in a relatively small portion of a culture’s history, it might seem reasonable that social norms have always been the same. However, two considerations must be made here. For one thing, different dating cultures can take root in the same area of the world. After all, the dating norms in New York City and Los Angeles are going to be very different; they’re thousands of miles apart. Another thing to remember is that time changes cultures. For example, the ability to have a choice in a partner is relatively new in the United States. Until the early 1900s, parents made the matches, and now romance is about companionship and love! Even now, the culture of dating around the world is changing relative to the impact of technology.

Hookup dating in the USA

People in the US usually meet by chance at a bar or through dating platforms. At the age of 20-25, it is like hookup dating for a couple of nights. People meet for pleasure and without liability. They find each other on themed forums or various hookup sites. There, people can quickly and easily discover new partners as often as they like to have all sorts of romantic interactions; most of them focus on immediacy and passion. This is a relatively new phenomenon that has been bolstered by the use of online dating services. Dating in Europe can hardly call puritanical.

The dating scene in Europe is a lot more intermingled than in other places owing to the ease with which people can travel. Also, a large number of visitors from foreign countries leads to many dates. Although dating in much of Europe can hardly be described as dull or even puritanical, the fact is that it’s a lot slower than in places like the United States. There is more relationship growth and subtext instead of a mad dash for the bedroom.

Passionate dating in Latin America

Latin America has many countries and cultures, and it’s hard to quantify them all in a short piece. However, there are some things that hold true in many places. For one thing, people are very passionate when it comes to matters of love. Another consideration is that most people hide their romantic indiscretions until they’re ready to take their date home to the family. After all, their dates must be approved by their family, something that does not happen much in the U.S. and Europe. You can find hookups, but eventually, you will have to go to dinner and meet the family.

Dating in Asia: Japanese Group Dating and Dating Schools in China

The world of dating in Asia is unique. It’s designed to adhere to a stricter culture of proper conduct. Part of the way to enforce that is through group dating in Japan, where people can feel safe still have some modest fun. The chances of getting a hookup in this country are lower, partially because of social norms and also because it’s hard to find privacy. In China, people are often sent to dating schools where they will learn how to behave to attract a partner. While the schools teach proper conduct, they also have a tendency to instill an uptight sense of morality in the students. Thus, it’s hard to date without going through the right procedures which often means meeting the family well into adulthood before having a romantic evening.

The culture of dating around the world is constantly changing. Some social mores are stamped out over time. Other times, rapid changes in lifestyles can lead to unique dynamics in terms of romance. No matter what, it’s important to understand and follow the dating rules in a country if you have any hope of being successful at finding a date!

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