The Cleaning process Of The Carpet After Water Damage

by Jennifer W. Digital Marketer

Carpet cleaning is one of the essential tasks when it comes to house cleaning. If the carpet if fixed on the floor then there are chances that the glue can be damaged after the water shock in the house.

 It is important to know the type of your water and how you can minimize the damage caused by it. 

Know Your Water:

 Clean Water is the source of tank, tubs or broken pipes inside the household. The spill water bottle or the water bowl of your pet. This type of clean water damage required only a hot dryer to quickly dry the water. It can be done by itself.


Gray Water also knows as unsanitary water is a source of washing machines, fish aquariums, and dishwashers. Urinated toilet water also falls into the category of gray water. Call for professional help and connect with water cleanup and restoration in Hewitt.


Black Water is extremely unsanitary and is the source of flood, rain and river water. If the gray water took more than 48hours to identify it may convert into the black water category. It also requires an expert to clean up the mess.


Minimizing Water Damage:

  1. When you see the water is making a way into your house, look for its source and stop it by placing dry clothes, sponge or anything that can be used at that time.
  2. Switch off the electrical appliances, remove the charger, phones, and hair appliances, etc from that area.
  3. Avoid walking on the wet carpet. If you have a pet then stop him from rolling on the wet carpet.
  4. Shift furniture that can be moved easily like, bean bag, and single sofas, etc. You can use aluminum sheets if available under the furniture to stop them from rusting.
  5. Tied-up curtains and beddings to avoid contacting them with the floor water.
  6. Anything that can be easily breakable and leaves a stain on the floor carpet should be taken out immediately.


Repairing The Damaged Carpet:


  1. Repairing the carpet after water damage is the most difficult task. The dirt and chemical solvents in the water can cause carpet fiber to lose.


  1. Wet carpets are more prone to destroy glue and can be separated from the floor.


Note: Avoid using the vacuum on the wet carpet as it may give you a shock.


  1. Check the subfloor under the carpet, if it is plywood then remove the carpet and let the subfloor and carpet dry independently.
  2. Use disinfectants and spray it over the carpet, use electric rotatory scrubber with soft bristle so that it won’t tear the carpet.
  3. Using a dehumidifier, blowers or fans try to dry the carpet completely.


Take professional advice and help if the situation is unmanageable. As the professionals have proper knowledge of tools for the carpet cleaning process. 

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