The Best Red Wines for Meat Lovers

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The Best Red Wines for Meat Lovers


One of the explanations that wine pairs so effortlessly with steak is because the tannins within the wine help enhance the meat flavor. Steak, in turn, can make wine taste better too: The fat within the meat brings out the fruit flavors within the wine. While wine may be a classic choice for steak, the acid in wine produces an identical effect on beef that the tannins within the wine do. Since whites are generally served best chilled, they supply an excellent contrast to a hot sizzling steak. Visit to know more about beer.

So which wines are best with which cuts of steak? Fear not, we've some suggestions which will cause you to look and desire an expert subsequent time you're planning a steak dinner reception that rivals the very best quality steakhouses.

The French Stable – Syrah

Syrah originated within the Rhone Valley of France, however, it's now widely grown throughout the planet. you'll find Syrah grown in Australia, us, Spain, Argentina, and South Africa just to call a couple of.

These Syrah wines have tons more fruit flavors than most bold red wines. They pair great with steak and mashed potatoes because the fruit flavors will complement both. Syrah’s are fruit-forward, full-bodied, have medium to high tannins, and medium to high acidity and alcohol. Flavors and aromas of cherries, blueberries, plums, cocoa, tobacco, and pepper are common.

For a singular Syrah which will be drunk anytime, buy one from Australia. In Australia, Shiraz is that like Syrah. These wines are around $15 and maybe aged up to 10 years. Shiraz grown in Southern Australian regions have tons of plum flavors. this is able to be an excellent “just because” gift for your steak loving man and an excellent thanks to celebrating the start of the BBQ season.

A Classic French Wine – Bordeaux Blend

This classic French blend of Cabernet and Merlot is one among the foremost popular wines within the world, and permanently reason. Different takes of this blend are made everywhere on the planet. While Merlot may be a medium-bodied and typically more tame wine, it helps to melt the tannins of the Cabernet.

Common flavors include cedar, black currants, plum, and graphite. people who are Cabernet dominant tend to wish a touch more aging and have more flavors of pepper, while people who are Merlot dominant have fruitier flavors.

These wines are affordable at $15-20 a bottle. These wines are often aged up to 10 years. this is often an excellent gift for those guys who sort of a weekly steak or regularly sip wine.

A Wine Done Superbly in Argentina – Malbec

This juicy wine originated in South West France, however, most of it's grown in Argentina. Malbec’s from France have an earthier profile than those from Argentina.

Malbec’s are very fruit-forward, jammy, and have moderate tannins and acidity. Common flavors include cocoa, tobacco, plum, vanilla, and dark berries. Malbec is usually described jammy due to its distinct preserved fruit flavors. Don’t be alarmed to seek out sediment within the bottom of your glass, Malbec is usually not filtered the maximum amount as other red wines, but it's perfectly fine.

This wine is extremely affordable and most of them cost around $15. Most of them shouldn't be aged longer than two years, so concentrate on the vintage dates before buying. this is often an excellent gift to urge your guy once you realize it is going to be drunk soon.

Filet Mignon – Pinot Noir
The much-admired filet is that the most tender, leanest cut of beef that also has one among the foremost subtle flavors, which is why it’s often served with sauces. It’s important to settle on a wine that won’t overshadow the steak. Pinot Noir is higher in acidity but tends to be lower in alcohol content leading to a light-weight refreshing taste, adding to the flavor of the fillet without being overpowering. be happy to settle on a heartier pinot noir if the steak is ready with a peppercorn sauce or other big flavor accompaniment. Malbec is another nice complement to the feel of a fillet.

NY Strip – Cabernet, Champagne
If you're a wine lover, the NY strip is that the steak for you. Champagne is that the best pairing here because its acidic qualities are almost like that of wine. The classic pairing for the NY Strip is Cabernet since its fruit tones work well with the bold flavor of the strip. trying to find something different? A lighter rosé can bring out the natural flavors of the steak when it’s simply seasoned with salt and pepper and served with a fresh salad.

An Italian wine you almost certainly haven’t heard of – Aglianico

Nearly all Aglianico within the world is grown in Southern Italy, where it's also referred to as Taurasi. This wine may be a staple in Italian households and has recently been gaining some traction on the international markets.

This wine is dark in color and has high tannins, moderate to low fruit flavors, and high acidity and alcohol. Common aromas and flavors include black cherry, smoke, cured meats, plum, and black pepper. The meaty and smoky flavors of this wine are the right match for any steak.

A good bottle of Aglianico will cost around $20-30 and maybe aged up to fifteen years. If possible, get your hands on an Aglianico del Vulture which has all the classic flavors and is an Italian favorite.

This wine must be decanted for around half-hour to open up the aromas and flavors. you'll learn more and find an honest decanter here.

Finally the great old’ Cabernet

This list wouldn’t be complete without Cabernet. this is often a classic and timeless wine to pair with any steak dish and that they make great gifts. Originating in Bordeaux, France, it’s popularity has made it the foremost planted red grape across the world. Fun fact: Cabernet may be a natural cross between Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.

This wine has familiar flavors of black pepper, baking spices, oak, black cherry, and other dark fruits. This wine is full-bodied, tannic, with moderate acidity. Those grown in warmer climates have more dark fruit and cocoa flavors while those grown in cooler climates have more red fruit flavors and are lighter within the body.

A Cabernet from California will make an ideal gift for any steak lover. These wines choose around $30 and age up to 10 years. Those with a vintage of three or more years should be decanted before enjoying.

Create the right steak lover’s gift basket! Add during a bottle of bold wine, steak spices, sauces, and a backyard BBQ recipe book.

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