The Best Oil for Keeping your Body Strong and Healthy

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Olive oil is also popularly known as a golden liquid. Scientifically, olive oil is extracted from ripe olives at room temperature and by mechanical means. The color is between yellow and green. Olive oil is a refined oil and it is used for day to day cooking, shallow frying including deep frying. There is a lot more to olive oil other than being a kitchen ingredient. This oil is consumed the most in the Mediterranean region; however, the use of olive oil is increasing in leaps and bounds in India also.

Multifarious Uses of Olive Oil
The uses of olive oil are multiple. Olive oil has a cure for blood sugar, weight loss, cholesterol, blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, and others. It is one of the few oils that are both used in cooking and as a body oil.

Here are some popular uses of olive oil:
  • Moisturizes Skin - Olive oil produces the same benefits that are offered by some of the expensive cosmetic products. Olive oil skin care contains vitamin E that protects the skin from different external factors such as the wind or the harsh sun rays. It has a light texture and it is a non-sticky moisturizer, which is suitable for all kinds of skins.
  • Enhances Skin Health - Most of us prefer natural ingredients regarding beauty products. We all want glowing skin. Olive oil can improve skin health and it treats acne, inflammation, and protects our skin from ailments such as skin cancer and psoriasis. Olive oil can reduce acne by killing bacteria causing acne. Virgin olive oil is a cheap and easy alternative to brands available in the market. Olive oil for face can be used as a moisturizer and you can apply it to your skin directly without added ingredients. You can blot off excess oil using a cloth or towel. It is useful to use this oil after you suffering a sunburn or exposed to the sun.
  • Exfoliator - Olive oil acts as an exfoliator. To exfoliate your body and face and to treat dry and scaly skin, you can mix olive oil along with sea salt and make a scrub. Use fine-grained salt for your face and coarse-grained salt for other parts.
  • Keeps Hair Healthy - Olive oil when used in combination with other ingredients helps to maintain healthy hair. This oil has vitamin E and it helps to fight hair loss. An olive oil hair massage before shampooing can give strength and a distinct shine to your hair. Olive hair oil moisturizes your hair and minimizes scalp irritation. Olive oil moisturizes your hair and reduces scalp irritation.

The uses of olive oil are not restricted to beauty enhancement. You can get plenty of benefits by when you add this oil to your diet. It improves nail health, prevents breast cancer, prevents diabetes, treats depression, strengthens bones, controls cholesterol, weight loss, and many more. Nowadays, it has got a permanent place in millions of Indian kitchens where olive oil is also used as alternative to all traditional cooking oils.

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