The Best App Usage Limit and Screen Time Control Application

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The Best App Usage Limit and Screen Time Control Application.

Although we fear our children might access inappropriate content when using phones, we also can’t deny that content filtering is not easy without a reliable parental control app. Unfortunately, thousands of children have fallen victims to cybercrime without realizing how it came to be. This is because kids are easy to trick and influence. Children may be lured with a few bucks to join terrorist groups or commit other types of crime.

Especially at a time like now when children are spending all their time at home, parents have a challenging task to secure their kids from cyberbullying and lure. To effectively achieve your dream of checking your kids’ daily activities, install the FamiSafe parental control app on the two phones. The use of such an app makes you a more responsible parent.

Parents prefer to use this app due to its unique and useful features. It’s not much different from when you spend time with your children. However, how far you are, you will have control over your children’s phones. A good parental control app is beneficial for the kids’ safety while using phones. FamiSafe application for iPhone and Android devices is a perfect take for a parent concerned about app blocking, cyberbullying prevention, web filtering, screen time control, and location tracking features.

The app enables parents to develop a virtual connection to your family members. Being a parent, you will read the activity reports, which are necessary for determining how you will manage the phone usage. If the report indicates that the kid spent the whole day watching videos, you should block the video apps. Luckily, you can still allow them to access the apps when you consider appropriate.

Admirable FamiSafe Parental Control App.

1.      Screen Time Control and Tracking.

Parents gain full control of their kids’ gadgets when they start using FamiSafe parental control app. You will monitor kids for what they want to do on their phones. Prioritizing the kids’ activities is also vital for their future lives, especially in sleep and study time. You can schedule the time you want them to use their phones. At the end of the set duration, the phone will automatically go off.

2.      Web Content Filtering.

The internet poses a danger not only to children but also to some adults. This is mainly if the kids surf the internet in your absence. They may land on a website that contains harmful content such as pornographic material. Parents should protect children against the risks associated with the use of the internet. The FamiSafe parental control app enables you to block specific websites for your kids not to access.




3.      Geo-Fencing.

This is the most unique feature of FamiSafe. It would be best if you created and geographic location on your app. this area is considered safe, and the app will always give you a notification when the kid walks out of it.

For example, if your Geofenced area is the home compound, you will always know when children cross the virtual fence.

4.      Prevents Cyberbullying.

Using this application, you will agree that the app notifies you when kids receive inappropriate content or harassment. The app is suitable for parents who want to learn the risks behind their kids’ use of phones. They could be victims without your knowledge. If you realize they are being bullied or harassed by malicious people, report to the police immediately.

5.      App Blocking.

It’s unwise to allow your children to have 100% control over their phones or computers. With the FamiSafe parental control app in place, parents have full control of the apps on their kids’ mobile devices. You can block certain apps when you want your children to sleep. This app shows you the apps that your children are using and the newly installed apps.

Price of FamiSafe App.

When people hear of pricing, they think of highly-priced subscriptions though the case is different for FamiSafe. Below are the available subscriptions among which users can choose:  

Subscription Plan


No. of Devices Allowed











Final Thoughts.

Screen time control is no more a challenge among parents. FamiSafe parental control app came to offer the right solution. Imagine walking with your kid’s real-time location in your pocket! I’m sure you will remain relaxed all though, unless you get a notification on an abnormal movement by your kid. This app adds up to someone’s peace of mind.

Because children are easy to learn and adopt a change, they will train to hold on within the Geofence and get used. If you realize they are walking away, ensure to call or message them to know why they walked away. It could be your spouse has sent them to the shop, and hence no need to panic.

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