The Benefits of Biometric Attendance System

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The biometric attendance systems are widely seen in the corporate world. It is the apt way for monitoring the clocking in and clocking out time of all employees working in a company. A biometric attendance machine is easy to use and install. The biggest advantage of using for a biometric system for attendance is that no employee can mark the attendance for each another. Previously, such machines were operated with a swipe card which is still available in the market. Owing to these features, many companies and corporate offices have been installing fingerprint time attendance system in UAE and other countries.

Working Mechanism of Biometric Machines
A biometric attendance system recognizes the fingerprints of an individual. It scans the fingerprint and on its basis, maintains a complete record of employees clocking in and clocking out of the work each day. The image of the finger is saved in the form of a binary code. The system maps the endpoints and intersection of the fingerprint. When the endpoints and intersection of the fingerprint match, the machine encrypts the code for recording the time.

Types of Biometric Attendance System
The fingerprint scanning is the universally used system for marking the clocking in and clocking out time of an employee. Apart from this system, there are several other ways that are used as well. The face scanning, retina scanning, voice scanning, and hand geometry scanning are some systems used in many corporate offices as well. However, they have some flaws and often deny access due to a slight change.

Advantages of Using Fingerprint Biometric System
  • Biometric System is Safe
    A biometric attendance system is completely safe and secure. It doesn’t constitute the personal details of an employee apart from the fingerprint that generates a binary code. Furthermore, fingerprint scanning machine cannot be hacked and if it is hacked, which is impossible, the hacker won’t find worthy information.

  • Fingerprints Are Deleted
    The system automatically deletes the record of the fingerprint after it is scanned for encryption. Post-scanning, only the intersection points and endpoints are read in the form of a binary code. Every time when an employee keeps the finger for scanning, the endpoints are matched for recording the data.
  • Employee & Non-Employee Entrance Restriction
    Another major advantage of using such machines is to restrict employees and non-employees to a particular area of an organization. If an employee who is not allowed to access a particular area of the organization, their fingerprints will be flagged off and they won’t be granted access. Another benefit of this system is the identification of actual employee working for the company.

When it comes to tracking the pay off time, no system other than fingerprint time attendance system serves the best. They comprise the complete information of an employee’s clocking in and clocking out time every day.  

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