The Benefits and Basics of Folding eBikes Explained

by Shane Barrett A Travelogue Writer
Thanks to technology and design ingenuity, folding electric bikes are more popular than ever. There are still some misconceptions around foldable electric bikes, which we hope this article will clarify. Some believe that you have to sacrifice quality or efficiency to get the benefit of having an electric bike that you can fold in half for storage or travel. That may have been true a few years ago, but no longer.

Folding bikes in and of themselves are not a new invention. However, the electric version is a relative newcomer to the scene. These bikes are becoming more popular with commuters. The same can also be said for those who simply want to have a functional, stylish eBike in a place where owning such a thing would be difficult due to space. 

A foldable electric bike is a subject well worth exploring in greater detail.

The Basics of Owning a Foldable eBike

A folding/foldable eBike is pretty straightforward as a concept. Yet the design basics of the most popular folding electric bikes reveal the ingenuity of how these bikes can be used and stored in daily life. One of the best things about foldable eBikes is the variety of ways in which these bikes can be built. There are different mechanisms for folding the bike as well as different sizes and even frame styles.

In other words, regardless of what you are looking for in an electric folding bike, you can almost certainly come across an ideal solution. The Bam Power Bikes fat tire folding model is just one example of the impressive eBike models for commuters, city dwellers or recreational riders who want the health benefits of eBikes and the convenience of a folder.

You will also want to keep in mind that many foldable electric bike options have batteries integrated into the frame of the bike itself. This not only helps with proper weight distribution and optimal balance while riding, it reduces the chance of battery theft.

Benefits and Misconceptions of Folding Electric Bikes

Whether you shop for a Bam Power Bike or choose another of the leading folding eBike manufacturers, here are some of the most common benefits to keep in mind:

● Vastly improved convenience: Simply put, folding eBikes are easier to store and
   transport than non-folding models. Have you ever had to carry your bike up a few
   flights of stars? An electric folding bike is considerably less of a hassle. Storage is
   a snap as well.

● All the benefits of an eBike: A foldable model doesn’t mean missing out on
   general eBike benefits and advantages. You still wind up with something that
   moves you faster than a traditional bicycle while still compelling you to exercise.

● Perfect for commuters: Urban commuters in particular can take advantage of the
   efficiency and speed of foldable electric bikes.

eBikes in general are more popular than ever. However, the foldable electric bike sometimes gets a bad reputation because some people consider them to be heavy or flexible. The truth is that they are no heavier than standard ebikes, and in some cases, much lighter. At the same time, the top electric folding bikes on the market are considerably tougher than many realize. This includes the ability to travel in rain or even snow.

Really, we have only just scratched the surface of what electric folding bikes can do!

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