The Ancient Hindu Vedic Astrology

by Ashley M. Field Explorer And Writer

What the planet knows as Hindu Astrology or Vedic Astrology, Indians simply call it Jyotisha. It's in essence a time-tested, ancient art of accurately predicting the longer term .The rules of predicting future this manner hails from the Holy Indian texts i.e.

There are main three branches of Vedic Astrology which is considered as an art, namely-

·        The normal Indian astronomy that predicts the movements of stars and planets.

·        The art of predicting major events which will befall a rustic like war or earthquakes.

·        The art of predicting an individual's future course of life, through a radical study of his natal horoscopes.

The Hindu Vedic astrology believes each of the heavenly bodies to possess a specific function. While it takes the sun to be the first vital force, it takes the moon to be the one influencing the fertility cycles. And this actual fact acts because the prime basis of its calculation.

Although both Vedic astrology and Western astrology recognizes twelve zodiac houses, the 2 uses different yardsticks to calculate the zodiac signs of various individuals. Just like Western astrological predictions are calculated upon the solar charts, jyotisha is calculated upon lunar charts. The horoscopes are prepared by studying the planetary position (graha), the precise location of the celebs (nakshatra), the zodiac houses (rashis), the planetary periods (dasas), the planetary aspects (drishtis), Using these information a chart is drawn which is believed to be ready to accurately predict matters of family and relationship (Kama), finances (artha), career (dharma), spiritual salvation (moksha).

Although our Vedic astrology takes the situation of stars and planetary positions during an individual's birth to work out his future, it undeniably believes that the person's Karma has caused these heavenly bodies to rearrange themselves within the like-wise manner. That's to mention, the planetary deities are subservient to the omnipotent God. Thus to administered justice, the planetary deities may alright be asked to align themselves during a particular manner during an individual's birth to either reward or punish him, depending upon various things.

Laws of Karma thus combine the concept of both fate and discretion to suggest that an individual's present life has been determined by the alternatives he had made in his the thought of fate which his future life are going to be guided by the way he consciously acts in his present life i.e. The wisdom in Jyotisha lies in imparting a sort of spiritual resignation among its believers, quite just like the motto of que sera, sera. It also leads its believers to start an enlightened spiritual journey through which not only does he recover familiar with his soul but also with the cosmic connection that exists between his inner self and therefore the guidance offered by the Divine One.

It imparts a sort of unflustered confidence in his outlook towards his life for he knows he cannot make amends to drastically alter his present life which he has got to affect every ups-and-down that come his way for their but an immediate consequence of the way he has led his past life. The only thing he can make sure may be a better next life through a strict adherence to the trail of righteousness. However, Jyotisha does leave a scope for ameliorating the consequences of the past life upon this life through practice of meditation, yoga etc. The ancient wisdom that has been passed right down to us has become an integral a part of our rich heritage. It’s in any case the Indian sort of astrology, an art that stands out distinctly from the West's endeavors.

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