The 13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer
Dressing well does not have to be synonymous with conformity or "dressing up." Is your man making these errors? This men's style guide will teach you the 13 most common fashion faux pas that men make, as well as what you should do instead to look nice and classy. Cool men's fashion tips that you can start using right away! That being said, look below for some fashion faux pas you should definitely avoid:

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Clothes that are too big or baggy

FIT is the most important aspect of men's fashion. Even the most fashionable pieces will look dowdy on a body if the fit isn't nearly perfect. Make sure not to size up for comfort.

When it comes to athletic clothing or innerwear like cotton vests, tighter fits with stretch material are preferable to baggy clothing. Basketball shorts should not be considered "general athletic shorts'' unless you are actually playing basketball. There are numerous options for athletic wear that are both functional and comfortable.

Cargo shorts and pants

Shorts with a lot of seams, pockets, and detail should be avoided. They add bulk and make you look frumpy and unkempt. These types of shorts and pants are appropriate for the right circumstances (combat, hiking, hunting), but not for everyday wear.

Mixing incompatible fabrics or textures

Mixing materials in your outfits should be avoided. Most materials are compatible with one another, but not all. A silky, gleaming dress shirt will look out of place with jeans. Athletic pants will look out of place with a short-sleeve button-up shirt. Athletic clothing, in general, can be worn with cotton but should not be dressed up. Smooth dress clothing, such as suit jackets and shiny shoes, will not look good with thick chinos or denim.

Fastening all the buttons on suit jackets

When wearing a suit jacket or blazer, always leave the bottom button undone (unless it's a one-button jacket). When you sit, unbutton them all, but you don't have to button them all when you stand. The origins of this rule can be traced back to King Edward VII, but honestly—just it's how things are done. Not all suit jacket buttons should be fastened. 

White crew socks

Get rid of your white tube socks. There are alternatives that perform the same function while looking far superior. Instead, opt for black or gray ankle or calf-length socks, and only wear crew-length socks when they're hidden beneath pants. Get rid of your white crew socks; they're unappealing! 

Socks with sandals

When it comes to socks, never wear them with flip flops or sandals! How often does this need to be stated? If it's cold outside, don't make matters worse by wearing socks under your sandals. Simply wear closed-toed shoes.

Crew socks with shorts

When wearing shorts, you should never wear them with tall crew socks. Wear socks that are as close to the shoe's edge as possible (or completely hidden). Alternatively, you could wear sandals (without socks).

Mixing too many patterns

You can start breaking this rule as you develop your own personal style and become more comfortable with the rules. However, make sure that the patterns like in a printed lungi are of varying sizes. A small gingham can look good with a large striped tie, but if they're too close in size, they'll crash.

Wearing the wrong shoes for the occasion

Many men dress appropriately until they leave the house. That's when I put on my running shoes. They are, indeed, comfortable. Yes, they have the potential to ruin your entire outfit. Learn which shoes to wear with which outfits. If you're not working out, don't wear running shoes. 

Flip-flops always and forever

Every now and then, swap out your flip-flops for loafers or boat shoes. A good pair can be just as comfortable as a bad pair while looking a million times better. Wear something other than flip-flops to look instantly classier.

Super wide tires

Except for the exceptions listed in the fit guides above, your tie should be about 3.5 inches wide at its widest point. Wearing ties that are too wide will make you appear dated. 

Old, worn-out jeans

Upgrade to a nice dark-wash pair that fits well, and think about a medium-wash or tastefully ripped pair as a backup pair. These are the only type of jeans you should have in your closet. Light wash jeans are fine, but if the only reason they're light wash is that they're a decade old, it's time for a new pair.

Pants with pleats

Pleats will automatically date you and add bulk to your outfit. Look for flat-front styles in your chinos and dress pants, and put away your pleated pants or shorts.

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