The 10 most important factors to make a website load faster

by Martijn A. WebDesigner

1.       Use a good minimalistic theme

Not all themes are well put together in terms of code, the same applies to plugins. So make sure you always use the best materials to build your website. It is also important to use a so-called minimalist theme. Not all themes are fast loading themes, some are specially built for it, such as WP-Astra.

2.       Use a good hosting

The website must run on a decent hosting. There is a big difference between private servers, cloud hosting, VDS, VPS or shared hosting. Especially the last 2 can make your website slow if they are overloaded which some hosters just do intentionally since you don't pay much and they still have to earn from you. There are then too many websites on 1 server or too many VPSs on one server.

3.       Server close to visitors

Make sure your website is on a server that is close to your visitors, if they are worldwide then you should definitely consider using a CDN. The distance between visitors and server should not be too high. A CDN network stores your website on servers around the world so that visitors can download your site from the closest server.

4.       Cache website

Visitors' browsers save the websites in parts that can be reused. Browsers only do this if your website indicates this and is therefore equipped with a cache system via plugin and/or .htaccess. So always make sure you have cache installed.

5.       Use G-zip

Your website can present images, CSS and JS packed together to browsers. Compressed we are talking about much less kilobytes and that significantly increases the loading speed. In addition, CSS and JS files can be combined.

6.       Clean up database

Erasing undesirable information from your data base will downplay its size and furthermore helps in decreasing the size of your back-ups. It is likewise important to erase spam remarks, counterfeit users, old content drafts and perhaps undesirable plug-ins and themes. The entirety of this will lessen the size of your databases and web documents, and along these lines accelerate WordPress.

7.       Defer parsing Javascript

To have your website finish loading faster above-the-fold it is important to defer parsing Javascript in Wordpress. This can be done by hand by editing the functions.php file of your theme or by installing a special plug-in for it.

8.       Optimize images

Pictures are the significant factor of size augmentation of a given webpage. Try to lessen the size of the pictures without thinking twice about the quality. On the off chance that you physically improve the pictures utilizing any image optimizing program as Riot or XnConvert. There are plugins accessible for pretty much all that you can imagine, including picture optimization, so that is another possibility.

9.       Deactivate unused plugins

Having  undesirable plugins on your WordPress sites will add a colossal measure of garbage to your web documents. Besides, it will likewise expand the size of your back-ups  and put a mind-boggling measure of burden on your server assets while back-up documents are being created. It is smarter to deactivate or dispose of the plugins that you don't utilize and furthermore search for substitute strategies to utilize outsider services for robotizing or booking tasks.

10.   Disable ping-backs and track-backs

Pingbacks and trackbacks are two center WordPress parts that ready you at whatever point your blog or page gets a connection. It may sound valuable, however you additionally have things like Google and different administrations to really look at the connections of your site.

Keeping pingbacks and trackbacks on can likewise put a bothersome measure of strain on your server assets. This is so on the grounds that at whatever point anybody attempts to connect up to your site, it produces demands from WordPress to and fro. This function is likewise broadly manhandled while focusing on a site with DDoS assaults.

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