The 10 Email Signature Do's and Dont's

by Sam Mathur Blogger and Marketing Head

Did you know that every day nearly over 14 billion emails are exchanged and some of them don’t even make to your mailbox? Surprised, wait there is more to it! While some of the emails do show up in your inbox there are a lot of others that get stationed in the spam folder.

Don’t you think this whole scenario can be averted by a great marketing strategy? You might be surprised but an email signature counts as the smartest way to let your clients take notice of you.

Email signatures are more than just an attractive footer that rests at the end of the mail content. Due to the increasing demand for successful email marketing campaigns conducted by startups and big companies nowadays, there are many email marketing tool ruling the roost.

Here in the blog we will decode as the various Do’s and Dont’s of the email signature which can be successfully applied to your email branding.


1.      Do Settle For An Attractive Layout:

There are many people who commit the most common blunder when designing an email signature. They forget to keep it neat and informative. Always remember the more prominent and simple your email signature is, the more aptly it will promote your business, so make sure to keep it informative yet to-the-point.


2.      Don’t Provide Too Much Information:

As discussed before it is very pertinent to not stuff your email signature with truckloads of information. This one point will just ward off all the potential clients. Therefore, stop cluttering and remember simplicity is the key.


3.      Do Inculcate Social Media Links:

There is no doubt that social media today has broadened the prospects for every small and big business out there. Therefore, if your company doesn’t have a social media page, then you are probably losing out a great opportunity. Therefore, whenever creating an email signature do include social media links also.


4.      Avoid Using Too Many Colors and Fonts:

Today everything is about being minimal. Thus your email signature shall also en route and navigate the same way. Avoid using too many and complicated color palettes. Also, try sticking to a single font. If you want you can use the same font and color palette in your logo to create the first impression.


5.      Do Incorporate Blogs:

 Blogging is a smart way to make your presence and views felt in this digital era. So, make sure to add the hyperlink to your official blogging page and hit the bull’s eye in the first go.


6.      Avoid Using Quotes:

Always remember your business shall do the talking. Therefore, one of the best ways to let your firm take the centerstage is by strictly including content related to the brand only in the signature. Anything else will make the client and the customers give the feeling of over dramatics.


7.      Do Keep The Font Small:

Yes, we know the email signature is supposed to feature at the end of the mail content. But there are many people who make the mistake of using bigger fonts. Avoid that and keep the font size small which will make the whole thing look catchy and even attract potential customers easily.


8.      Don’t Let Everyone Have Their Own Signature:

An email signature template is unique because it reflects the ethos of your brand. Therefore, try keeping it simple and having one single template which shall be used by everyone. It is unnecessary for every employee to have their own.


9.      Do Create Emails That Will Further Your Corporate Communication:

An email signature is like a corporate business card that is handed out to every prospective investor at big events. Therefore, when creating an email signature just make a minuscule change, that is varying the branding according to the sender department. This will help clients take notice of your firm immediately.


10.  Don’t Make It Limited To Only Web Access:

A lot of emails today are instantly opened on the mobile. Therefore, make your email signature compatible with mobile and other electronic gadgets, as this will help your prospective partners to reach out to you effectively.


Which Email Signature Tool Can You Use Today?

It is true that we live in a world where technology dominates each sector. In this highly competitive era, it is quite difficult to lay hands on the best email signature tool available on the net. But, don’t worry we have solved this problem for you.

The Designhill email signature tool is the only one that you need today. Why? Because the tool helps you to create  professional and customized signature in a jiffy. With its compatibility ranging from all service providers like Gmail, iOS, Outlook, the tool has further smoothened out the process for creating an email signature.

All you have to do is just fill in the available template present on the official site, click through the social, style, CTA, tabs to add links to your email signature and your work is done. What’s more interesting is that the email signature tool also helps you to export the same to your personal mail along with helping you to generate your customized logo easily, all at the same time.



So, still thinking or ready to take the plunge? Well, worry not, the Designhill email signature tool is created just for users like you. The company is a pioneer in generating emails and helping you at each step of your business.

Thus, give the tool a try today and get ready to see an increase in footfalls for your brand.

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