Teeth Cleaning with an Amazing Water Flosser

by Vijay R. Dentist

Many people assume that all there is to teeth cleaning is brushing your teeth twice a day. While brushing your teeth twice a day is equally important, flossing your teeth on a regular basis is highly recommended. For a long time, the traditional dental string floss has been the most common tool for flossing teeth. Recently, water flossing or water, picking has become more common and preferred. If you are reading about the water flosser for the first time, here is what you need to know about this new convenient way of teeth cleaning at home.

What is a water flosser?

A water flosser is basically just that. It is a handheld tool that flosses your teeth by dispensing a stream of water that flashes out food particles and plaque from hard to reach places between your teeth. For a long time, you would only see a version of this tool at the dentist’s, but smaller, easy to use versions have been developed over time. You can easily buy one and use it at home at your own convenience. They can come in different sizes with different features. Some come with larger water reservoirs while others have a higher water pressure pump.

Why you need to get a water flosser

The traditional string floss can be annoying to use for many people. Besides the fact that it is uncomfortable, it can sometimes cut through your gums and cause bleeding. Additionally, flossing can sometimes cause your teeth to shift their position over time, creating unwanted gaps. If you find the traditional string floss annoying or difficult to use, then a water flosser for teeth is the best available option for you.

A water flosser is also very useful for people with braces or retainers because it can easily clean out any bacteria hiding in the crevices of your teeth and braces. You can also add your favourite mouth wash to the water for a super cleaning effect.

Some people find string flossing to be a painful affair and rightfully so because you will have to be tagging at your teeth. People with conditions such as arthritis can find this extremely uncomfortable, and therefore a water flosser can come in handy. It is also best for people with sensitive teeth who find string floss uncomfortable.

Things to consider

Using a water flosser will be a relief if you have been struggling with using string floss. You will feel a much cleaner effect with a water flosser. However, water flossing should not replace your usual brushing twice a day routine. You’ll still need to brush your teeth twice a day to avoid plaque build-up. Plaque can only be prevented by brushing regularly.

Bottom Line

A water flosser can be described as a game-changer in as far as teeth cleaning is concerned. It is much easier and comfortable to use than the traditional string floss. You can easily do your teeth cleaning at home with a water flosser if you find string flossing uncomfortable or painful. Visit the dentist in Carrum Downs Dental Group to get one of these devices. You can also visit us for dental check-up to prevent occurrence of any dental problem.


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