Introduction of Deep Sea 8610 Control Module of Genset

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Deep Sea DSE8610 MKII is synchronising & load sharing control module, it represents the latest in complex load sharing & synchronising control technology. Designed to handle the most complex grid type diesel generator applications the DSE8610 MKII control module is packed with multiple features and benefits that are unrivalled across the generator control industry.


Product information

1.Extended PLC function types.

2.Redundant MSC. Allows two MSC links to be connected between multiple DSE86xx MKII control modules.

3.Type 1 fully flexible inputs. Flexible for configuration as voltage, current or resistive.

4.Two RS485 ports.

5.Three CAN ports. Ultimate CAN flexibility.

6.32-set synchronisation.

7.Configurable inputs/outputs (12/8).

8.Dead bus sensing.

9.Remote communications (RS232, RS485, Ethernet).

10.Direct governor control.

11.kW & kV Ar load sharing.

12.Configurable event log (250).

13.Load switching, load shedding & dummy load outputs.

14.Power monitoring (kW h, kVAr, kv Ah, kV Ar h), reverse power protection, kW overload protection.

15.Data logging (USB Memory Stick).

16.DSE Configuration Suite PC Software.

17.Tier 4 CAN engine support.

 Introduction of Deep Sea 8610 Control Module of Genset

The DSE8610MKII diesel generator set controller module allows the user to start or stop the generator set and manually (through the navigation button on the panel) or automatically switch the load from the mains side to the generator set side. Dse8600 series diesel generator set controller module is equipped with synchronization and load distribution functions to provide necessary protection functions for the system. Users can also view the operating parameters of the system through the LCD.


The controller module of DSE 8610MKII diesel generator set can monitor the engine and display the operation status and fault condition of the unit. When an alarm occurs, the engine will stop automatically, the buzzer or audible and visual alarm will give an alarm, and the LCD will display the alarm content.


The diesel generator set controller module contains a powerful ARM microprocessor, which can realize more complex functions:

·LCD displays text information (can support multiple languages);

·Real RMS voltage, current display and power monitoring;

·Monitoring multiple parameters of the engine;

·Input can customize alarm or other functions;

·Support EFI engine;

·During synchronization and load distribution, the diesel generator set controller module is directly connected to the governor and regulator (sx440);

·The unit is connected to the mains for power supply. When the mains fails, the diesel generator set controller module detects the mains r.o.c.o.f. and vector shift;


Using the computer and the 8610 setup software suite allows you to modify operating modes, start sequences, timers, and alarms.


In addition, the navigation button on the instrument panel of the diesel generator set controller module allows you to view information, such as all engine parameters. Plastic housing for front panel installation, connecting the diesel generator set controller module and control box through plug and locking socket.


Function of paralleling:

1. Improve the reliability and flexibility of the power supply system: if multiple units are connected in parallel, once the power supply system fails, the failed unit can be stopped and other units can supply power as usual. At the same time, other standby units can also be connected to the power supply system to ensure the normal operation of the system and maintain and repair the failed unit.

2. Multiple units can start and self input the generator set according to the required load, so as to make the power consumption capacity of the power supply system reach the optimal saturation state, and fully reflect its economy.

3. In the process of continuous development of production in the future, when the power capacity is not enough, it can be expanded conveniently and effectively.


Realization means of parallel genset:

1. When two or more units are connected in parallel, the frequency shall be the same, and the frequency can be adjusted by adjusting the speed.

2. When two or more units are connected in parallel, the voltage shall be the same, and the voltage can be adjusted by adjusting AVR.

3. When two or more units are connected in parallel, the phase sequence shall be consistent.

4. The voltage waveform of parallel generator set shall be the same.

The requirements for parallel operation can be met only when the frequency, voltage and phase sequence are consistent.

If you want to purchase diesel generator with parallel function, you can use DSE8610MKII control module. It originated in UK. Dingbo Power is a manufacturer of diesel generating sets in China, if you are interested in diesel genset, please contact us by email 

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