Tattoo and Piercing

by Riya Sen Digital Marketing
A tattoo is the type of arts which mount on the any part of body. Many traditional tribal groups have some specific type of designing in tattoo formation. Old method was so much complicated and painful. But new machines and techniques make the procedure simpler and less painful. Experienced tattoo artist make some unique and complicated designs. Now a day’s tattoo is not only been famous in celebrities but also the common people. Tattoo and piercing both are mostly famous for the designing and modern art.
Piercing is another popular form of art. This is the modification of body where jewelry can inserted in the hole. Any part of body can be pierced in this art. Many type of dramatic design and procedure use for this art like as jewelry to stretch the skin, scarification etc. Although they also have health related problems.

Health risks of body modification

Always keep in mind health related problems for making modification of your body.

Health risks of tattoos

Tattoo artist have a machine for puncturing or designing an Art on your body. Every time this machine makes a hole and contact with blood. It’s necessary to proper treatment of machine after working of tattoo designing.

Tattoos are use for self-expression, but they also damage the skin and may be making it injured.soe complications are:

It can be cause of allergic reactions and other health related issue.
Type of skin infection and germs related problems.
Developed inflamed tissue around the tattoo site.
It may be cause of serious blood related problems like as HIV, hepatitis c. this can be directly use of one blood sample to other.
Burning of tissue at the tattoo site.
It can be cause interference of future MRI images.

FDA has only looked for the safe designing of tattoo and use of germs free injection. More than 50 coloring used in tattoo approved but the risk is not clear under the skin problems.

Health risks of body piercings

Modification of your body from piercings also contains health related risk. It can be for of bacterial infection. There is also a risk for blood poisoning and other infection related problems. More common infection in nose and mouth piercings because these are contains more germs.

There are mainly location-specific risks in body piercing. Tongue piercing can cause damage to your teeth and difficulty in speaking. Genital piercing is more painful and sex related problems. Risk is so much higher if you have other medical problems:

Skin disorders
Immune system
Related problems
Diabetes of any stage

I would like to suggest you consult with expert doctor before getting piercing. Piercing be painful with you if you are not taking proper precaution and safety instructions.

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