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by John S. Product Consultant & Observer

You, as a manager, have to handle both in-office and on-field employees in a manner that can fully utilize their potential. However, it can be impossible to do so without the help of workforce management software. The software offers a task management solution that helps managers plan and delegate tasks to their employees in a manner that benefits both.

Using the task management solution comes with many perks, such as automating repetitive and meagre tasks, which can curb employee productivity.

Let us find out how task management solutions can help managers overcome challenges and easily delegate tasks.

What is Task Management Solution 

Task management solutions assist managers and employees in every industry, from planning to reporting. The solution automates task management that can be visible from the workforce management software application. As a result, the employees and managers can manage, view, and function remotely due to the solution.

The solution offers many features that help managers plan and allocate tasks efficiently so that their team does not have problems completing them. Furthermore, managers spend a great amount of time locating their field executives and trying to communicate updates. With the help of the task management solution, this problem is also solved with a real-time tracking feature.

What Challenges Does Managers Face Regarding Tasks

Allocating tasks requires careful planning on the manager’s part, and the execution depends on employees. From planning tasks to execution and ending with reporting has to work like a well-oiled machine. Poor task management stops the team from working at their total capacity. 

Unattainable Deadlines

Managers often struggle with employees not being able to meet their deadlines. The reason behind it can be assigned tasks and jobs for which employees are not skilled or are a perfect match. Another reason can be that employees already have pending work and are burdened with manual and meagre tasks and paperwork such as filing feedback and other documents which could’ve been automated. 

Broken Communication

We cannot stress enough how important it is for managers and employees to have a good flow of communication. Only when managers are able to communicate their ideas and tasks can the employees work on executing them. But often, this bridge of communication is broken. Neither are managers able to convey the tasks, nor are employees able to share the problems they face while completing them.

Under Performing Team

The manager's job is to get the best out of his workforce, but often he is left with an underperforming team. The reasons behind it can be many, but mostly it is improper task allocation. In addition, failing to understand each employee’s bandwidth and expertise can leave the manager unsatisfied with his team's performance. 

Unclear Goals and Tasks

Clarity is essential for the successful assigning and completion of tasks. Frequent changes in the goals and tasks of the team can leave them confused. Additionally, this can cause a drop in their productivity as most of their time will be spent figuring out the task. Setting clear objectives and goals can save a lot of time and help the employees focus better on task completion.

Absence of Accountability

A team can only perform well when everyone is responsible and is striving hard to complete their tasks assigned, be it managers, field employees, or in-office staff. Unfortunately, employees can often miss out on their tasks or misinterpret them, which affects the results.

How Can Workforce Management Software Help

What managers need is fieldforce management software that can automate task management. With the help of the task management solution, the manager can plan and assign tasks more precisely. 

With the variety of features and tools offered by the software investing in workforce management software becomes a necessity and not a choice. Let us see what workforce management software offers in its task management solution.

Shift Scheduling

With the help of an automated attendance feature, managers can know which employee is present and which is on leave. Leave management tracking software will help in shift scheduling in a much more effective manner. 

Bulk Task Uploading

The feature of bulk task uploading allows the manager to upload and assign tasks to employees a month’s advance. The tasks would be visible to the workforce every day without delay on their apps. This is time saving for both managers and employees. Managers with saved time can strategize future plans, and the workforce can use the extra time to meet deadlines.

Managers can edit, delete and add tasks remotely.  The changes will also be visible to his on-field employees without having to call especially. 

Insightful Reports

Managers must review their team’s performance regularly. This will help him have a better understanding of the productivity and work quality of his employees. 

With the accurate real-time reports generated by the software, the manager can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of his team members. Also, this will help him assign appropriate tasks.

Built-in Chat Box

To solve the problem of miscommunication, workforce management software offers in-built chat boxes. Managers and team members can chat and share voice notes and photos for better communication. 

Custom Forms

Custom forms can help your field executive digitally collect customer feedback and other business data. This way, they won't have to travel daily to the office to submit papers. Through this feature, paperwork can be reduced considerably and also help promote transparency.

Real-time Location and Task Tracking

 This feature is especially helpful for field executives who the managers have a hard time tracking. They have to make constant calls for location and task updates, which can undermine and distract both. 

But with this feature, managers can track their field executives in real time and with accuracy. Not only their location but also their task list can be tracked.

Enjoy Easy Task Management with TrackoField

Now that you know a manager's challenges with managing tasks and employees, why not use workforce management software? This will help you not only manage tasks but also level up the performance and productivity of your team.

TrackoField is a leading field employee tracking software that believes in relieving the workload of a manager and his employees with its top notch features and tools.

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